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10 Carat Diamond Price

A 10 carat diamond is the ultimate gift

These diamonds are the ultimate gift reserved for very special anniversaries. The way diamonds are formed is still largely a mystery even today, and 10+ carat diamonds wear the crown as kings of this mystery. Carat is one of the 4Cs and refers to a diamond’s weight, with one full carat weighing 200 milligrams, or 0.007 ounces. Fewer than 20% of all the stones found are true gem quality and most of the diamonds found in the mines are 1 and 2 carats only. Stones weighing 5 or more carats are already very rare and hard to get hold of, but when you are looking for 10 carat diamonds or larger,  you are entering a very different world.

How much does it cost?

Diamond Pricing: the prices per carat range from $16,720 to $224,510.10 carat diamonds weigh around 2.0 grams and a round brilliant cut has a magnificent diameter of 14.0mm or above. A diamond this size is best set off in a pendant or a diamond ring. These are the kinds of diamonds that will brighten up the room and bring out the natural beauty of the one who wears it.

10 carat diamond size comparison

What are the wholesale prices of a 10 carat?

Buy wholesale to get the diamond you want at the best available price. To calculate the average wholesale price of a 10 carat diamond, price per carat value must be multiplied by 10. The average wholesale price for a GIA Certified 10 carat diamond ranges between $167,200 and $ 2,245,100.

10 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 224.510 161.810 145.640 123.750 97.570 61.270 40.260
E 160.600 144.430 129.690 110.550 89.210 56.760 39.050
F 136.840 123.090 110.550 97.570 77.330 52.580 37.400
G 110.550 101.090 91.520 83.270 69.740 47.520 35.310
H 89.210 80.850 73.700 65.450 55.880 40.370 31.680
I 64.130 60.610 56.980 49.940 45.100 34.650 27.720
J 47.960 45.760 43.450 41.490 38.060 29.810 23.870
K 36.190 33.770 32.450 30.910 28.490 23.320 19.690
10 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 164.230 130.900 117.810 101.090 80.960 51.700 34.320
E 131.450 117.700 104.720 94.270 77.000 48.070 33.110
F 105.270 95.150 89.320 77.440 65.450 44.200 31.570
G 84.040 77.440 71.390 65.450 57.200 39.710 29.920
H 69.080 62.370 57.750 53.020 44.880 33.550 26.620
I 51.700 47.630 45.210 41.690 38.280 28.930 23.100
J 39.820 37.840 35.420 33.770 30.910 23.980 19.690
K 31.350 29.480 27.500 26.620 23.760 19.800 16.720

What to do next

Request a free quote by filling out the form, to get today’s wholesale price for the 10 carat diamond you are looking for.

We will access the world’s largest inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices unavailable to you. We have access to diamond sources and can guarantee you will get the best possible price available through our global network of diamond cutters and wholesalers. You will be contacted by our diamond expert to discuss further details and answer any of the questions you may have. He will be your close personal contact from beginning to end.

Make your own personalized jewelry: engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings

Your choice of diamond jewelry is limitless when you pick your own loose diamonds and jewelry design. The Diamond Registry has in-house jewelers that through a longstanding tradition of jewelry craftsmanship, have crafted bespoke jewelry for a variety of clients throughout the world. If you want to create your own unique jewelry, like a 10 carat diamond ring, picking out loose diamonds is only half of the process. After you have an idea of what type of 10 carat diamond you want, our highly experienced and professional jewelers will craft personal jewelry of any type and design. Whether you might want cushion cut engagement rings or rather the modern princess cut engagement ring, yellow gold wedding rings or pear shaped diamond earrings, we will be able to meet your every wish and exceed expectations. The Diamond Registry has a long history of sourcing the absolute finest loose diamonds, and using cutting edge technology to create ideal engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings and any other jewelry. Picking a jewelry design that is exactly as you want it to be, together with choosing a loose 10 carat diamond price that is ideal to the last detail, is creating unique jewelry at its absolute finest. Through The Diamond Registry, you have an unprecedented wide variety of choice in loose diamonds, jewelry designs, diamond color and diamond shapes. The Diamond Registry is your primary source for unique diamond jewelry.

10 carat diamond ring on finger
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