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A 9 carat diamond is worn only by a few

To celebrate the most special occasions, a 9 carat diamond is the ideal gift. The origin of diamonds is still largely a mystery even today. Whenever 9 carat diamonds are found, the mystery intensifies because the chances of uncovering a diamond this weight and size are so incredibly small. Carat is one of the 4Cs and refers to a diamond’s weight, with one full carat weighing 200 milligrams, or 0.007 ounces. It is officially not a unit of size, but the size of a diamond does increase together with carat weight. 9 carat diamonds are worn only by a lucky few, but admired by everyone.

How much does it cost?

Diamond Pricing: the total weight of a 9 carat diamond is 1.8 grams and the prices per carat range from $13,689 to $200,535.A diamond this size is best set in a beautifully designed ring. Shoulder stones are an option to create a contrast that really makes the size standout, but as a solitaire this stone will still easily dwarf any of the other diamonds out there. Its beauty is simply astonishing.

9 carat diamond size comparison

What are the wholesale prices of a 9 carat?

Buying wholesale diamonds in effect doubles your budget when compared to buying at retail prices. The average wholesale price of a 9 carat diamond is calculated by multiplying the price per carat value by 9. The wholesale prices for GIA Certified a 9 carat diamond will range between $123,201 and $1,804,815.


9 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 200.535 148.903 134.087 112.838 85.749 52.077 34.269
E 147.408 132.741 116.877 101.163 80.812 48.187 33.220
F 129.448 116.578 106.850 93.232 68.690 43.997 31.875
G 97.124 87.396 79.914 71.831 59.711 42.667 30.079
H 76.322 69.288 63.452 56.567 47.288 34.269 27.085
I 55.669 52.377 50.281 43.997 39.507 29.031 23.494
J 42.050 39.806 37.262 34.567 32.922 25.888 20.800
K 32.836 30.527 28.731 26.487 24.991 20.350 17.208
9 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 146.234 111.447 102.428 85.153 69.888 45.255 28.506
E 109.514 102.106 87.397 78.717 65.249 40.705 27.700
F 93.248 87.128 76.023 68.690 55.820 36.964 26.251
G 76.338 69.735 60.310 53.426 48.637 32.175 24.962
H 41.753 55.820 49.984 45.195 38.909 27.984 21.580
I 41.753 38.760 36.216 32.175 31.727 23.674 18.198
J 32.692 28.733 27.236 24.542 24.479 19.648 16.427
K 25.929 23.045 21.699 19.604 20.292 16.105 13.689

What to do next

Request a free quote by filling out the form, to get the up-to-date wholesale price for the 9 carat diamond you are looking for. We will access the world’s largest inventory of diamonds at wholesale prices unavailable to you. Sourcing the global network of diamond cutters and wholesalers, we will get you the best possible price available. Our diamond expert will then contact you to discuss further details and answer any of your questions. He will be your close personal contact from beginning to end.

9 carat diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond jewelry

Select your ideal 9 carat diamond to create your own diamond jewelry, from diamond rings to earrings Once you have an idea of which 9 carat diamond would be your perfect for your 9 carat diamond ring, you can get started on creating your very own and unique diamond ring. Picking a diamond from our worldwide inventory of loose diamonds is the first step, after that you will work together with our in-house diamond jewelry designers that will craft your 9 carat diamond ring exactly as you want it. With over 50 years’ experience, we have designed a wide variety of the most delicate and beautiful diamond rings. Our diamond jewelry craftsman are ready to meet all your imaginations whether you are interested in getting engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings, diamond earrings. The design options are practically limitless: maybe you want the classical round diamond engagement ring or perhaps rather a more modern cushion cut engagement ring, the choice is all yours. To select one diamond from our inventory of loose diamonds and having your ideal 9 carat diamond ring designed is without a doubt the highest form of luxury and bespoke diamond rings.

9 carat diamond ring real size on hand
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