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A wedding ring is a sign of lifelong commitment

A wedding ring is one of the most meaningful jewelry pieces you will ever wear. Usually a wedding ring is given during the wedding ceremony and symbolizes a couple’s commitment to each other. Wedding rings are most commonly made of precious metal, and the woman’s wedding ring is often decorated with diamonds. There is a wide variety for a wedding ring to choose from in terms of metal type for the wedding band, the ring setting, and the kind of loose diamond mounted onto the wedding ring. Some people prefer a classic wedding ring with yellow gold or white gold wedding bands. Yet some choose a more modern design and prefer titanium rings or an eternity ring. The most popular diamond shapes for a wedding ring is a Cushion cut diamonds or Princess cut diamonds. Whichever ring design would perfectly match you as a couple, there is something out there for you.

A wedding ring comes in many forms

Wedding ringSome people prefer a classic and simple wedding ring made of a precious metal, without diamonds and often has an inscription to make it more personal. For a diamond wedding ring, the most common designs are eternity rings, three-stone-rings and solitaire diamond rings. Eternity rings have diamonds set along the entire ring band symbolizing a love that never ends. Three-stone-rings are wedding rings set with 3 diamonds: one center diamond and two shoulder stones which are often Pear Shaped diamonds. Solitaire rings have only one center diamond mounted onto the ring such as a 6 carat diamond price with only a radiant cut diamond. The Round Brilliant Cut makes for a more classic diamond wedding ring, and fancy shapes such as the Cushion Cut have a more modern feel.

Precious metals for precious wedding rings

The most common precious metals for wedding rings are yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rose gold. Note that with a J color diamond the color will be more visible with white gold rings. Conversely, D color diamond may look slightly colored when set onto a yellow gold wedding ring.

Ring settings and Diamond Shapes

To hold the diamond in place, you have to choose a ring setting for your wedding ring. The most commonly used setting is the prong setting, often for solitaire engagement rings. Three or more metal prongs are bent over and shaped so that they rest against the crown just past the diamond’s girdle. Another option is the bezel setting which holds the diamond firmly in place with a metal ring that encircles all sides of the stone. Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are most commonly set in wedding rings. However, today we are seeing more and more Princess Cut diamond rings, Cushion Cut diamond rings and even eternity rings completely set with 2 carat diamond Asscher cuts.

Buy loose diamonds and ring design separately

Say you want a 10 carat diamond ring, then we advise you to purchase the loose diamond and have it mounted onto a wedding ring separately. This will save you considerably compared to buying a finished 10 carat diamond ring. This is because it gives you more control over the exact features of the diamond quality regarding the 4Cs - carat, color, clarity and color – and the ring itself such as which metals to use. Established in 1961 and online since 1997, The Diamond Registry has a proven track record of matching people’s diamond wishes with the perfect and finest selection of loose diamonds. Through The Diamond Registry, you can buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices from sources that are inaccessible to the main public. With our in-house jewelry designer you can create bespoke a bespoke wedding ring or engagement rings. Ask for a free quote to set your diamond experts on the search for your perfect diamond – with full certification and always at diamond wholesale price.

How to find the perfect modern wedding ring

This might be one of the questions every couple will have before their wedding: how to find the perfect wedding ring? In addition, what would you do with that precious sparkling engagement ring? Because when the person you love kneels down on one knee to propose to you with a stunning engagement ring you know it is one you want to wear forever... Continue Reading