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Why you should buy diamonds online

Just like any other item today, the best way to go about buying diamonds is to buy diamonds online. When you buy diamonds online, you will have access to the all the information you need to understand which diamond is the best for you. And not only that, another benefit when you buy diamonds online is that you have access to a wide variety of diamonds. Established in 1961 and online since 1997, The Diamond Registry is the primary source of loose diamonds at wholesale prices. As an educational platform, and international diamond trading hub, we enable you to do much more than to simply buy diamonds online. Through our diamond experts, you gain access to loose diamonds available on the wholesale diamond market, meaning you save up to 70% off retail margins without compromising on quality.

Is it safe to buy diamonds online?

Buy diamonds online Always insist to buy diamonds online from a trusted source with an outstanding reputation. A diamond shop online should have great customer service and transparent information regarding the organization. A good way to assess whether a diamond shop online is a safe choice is to enter the company name in a search engine and see the results. Chance is, you will find reviews on third party websites, press releases, social media pages and maybe even a number of interviews with representatives from the company. Another essential part when you buy diamonds online is to only buy loose diamonds that are accommodated with GIA certification. This safeguards the quality of the loose diamonds as the GIA is the number one more reliable and accurate diamond grading lab used by all key players in the retail and wholesale diamond industry. Do not purchase diamonds before reviewing diamond certificates.

How to buy diamonds online: sourcing the wholesale diamond market

To buy diamonds online is the easiest way to buy diamonds. Whether you are looking for diamond rings or loose diamonds to keep as an investment, buying diamonds online is the best way to do it. Of all places to buy diamonds online, The Diamond Registry offers you the most effective way to do it: buying loose diamonds at wholesale prices. This essentially means that you buy diamonds before they enter the retail market as a finished jewelry piece. You choose the loose diamond that fits within your budget, say a 3 carat G VS1 round diamond, and our in-house jewelers will mount it for you on a ring designed exactly to your liking. Because you are sourcing the wholesale diamond market, loose diamonds are available at wholesale diamond prices and are therefore available at 50 – 70% lower than retail prices diamonds. In fact, through the Diamond Registry you can create bespoke diamond rings at a better price than finished retail diamond rings.