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We are the world’s most comprehensive diamond price and information platform. We work hard to help you find a perfect diamond, buying directly from the source at wholesale prices. Our service streamlines worldwide diamond sales and supply. Be sure: we will help you easily and quickly purchase or sell a diamond of any quality, size, and shape..

The Diamond Registry Is The World’s Most Comprehensive Diamond Information Platform
  • 1961
Joseph Schussel founded The Diamond Registry. It started as a monthly newsletter with thousands of subscribers. It published the industry-related information on diamond prices.
  • 1997
The Diamond Registry became the first source of diamond information online. Since then, it’s the main entrance to the world’s loose diamonds inventory and the primary source for diamond information.
  • 2009
Nissan Perla took the position of CEO. He turned The Diamond Registry into the go-to online source for high-end buyers and sellers in NY and HK. With a global network of alliances, today we provide our selection of diamonds at source price.
The Diamond Registry creates a bridge between the wholesale diamond industry and the consumer. With us, you can buy GIA-certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices.
With The Diamond Registry, the consumers can creat> custom-made jewelry. Our highly experienced in-house designers can create any ring you wish.
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Your Source Of Insider Information About Diamonds

The Diamond Registry started as an exclusive intranet between the wholesale diamond industry and loose diamond buyers. Till now, we research wholesale diamond prices to make loose diamond sales transparent for the discerning public.

The Diamond Registry website covers an extensive array of topics related to the diamond quality education, such as diamond cuts, how to buy diamonds and read the diamond color chart. Also, we keep an eye on the diamond auctions, colored diamonds, trends in fashion and industry news.

The Diamond Registry Credentials

CEO of The Diamond Registry Nissan Perla aims at bring transparency to the diamond purchasing process. He turns the
industry’s best kept secrets into the industry’s best known facts. The Diamond Registry is a
Member-in-Good-Standing of the following associations:

The Matchmaker Of The Industry

Once we receive your order, we instantly connect you to hundreds of diamond suppliers. We have our own membership network of participating cutters and importers located worldwide. The Diamond Registry is the founder of the most extensive global database of diamonds. Till now, we work hard on making diamond prices available for both the purchase and sales.
Because of a long-term expertise in linking manufactures and traders all over the world, The Diamond Registry is known as a matchmaker of the industry.

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