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Expert Advice on Diamonds Before Buying

Need help with a diamond? Our expert will guide you to pick the best for you!

With 40 years in the industry, we can help you find your diamond or jewelry for investment, gift or sale. Check with us now!

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Why To Buy From Us?

We assist our clients in designing their custom rings and jewelry

We help individuals to find a perfect diamond among our worldwide inventory

You surely save money and get quality as we do not believe in Middle man and you buy directly from the source. You'll get to save a lot! We Assure!

As a diamond expert, a diamond's true beauty lies in its cut quality, so prioritize this aspect above others. Explore different shapes together, as they offer a personal touch and can even provide better value. Trust only certified diamonds from reputable labs, and take the time to view your top choices in person to appreciate their unique sparkle. Don't be afraid to consider alternative options like lab-grown diamonds, as they can open up new possibilities within your budget. The perfect diamond is the one that speaks to your soul and represents your eternal bond. As your trusted advisor, I'm here to support you every step of the way in finding that one special diamond.


Your Primary Source Of Diamond Education

The Diamond Registry is the first diamond information platform, led by Nissan Perla, its CEO and the leading expert with over 40 years of experience. Sharing his advice on the website, Nissan serves the mission to provide the top diamond education to his buyers. We source wholesale diamond prices from an international network of direct sellers & diamond dealers. That’s why our clients always get the best diamonds at the most affordable price.

By seeking out Expert Advice, you will get access to exclusive information about the diamond market and get help in designing the diamond of your dreams. We welcome you to seek Nissan Perla’s concierge service in choosing engagement rings and any sort of custom-made jewelry.


The Source Of Unbiased Information

The Diamond Registry was founded in 1961 to protect consumers from overpriced diamonds and jewelry. Started back in the day as a newsletter bulletin, it is still the only diamond price list available to the public today.

We remain dedicated to making diamond prices transparent to help customers make an informed purchase decision. Check for unbiased information and price transparency. No middlemen and no brand markups.


Why You Need Nissan Perla as Your Expert

No inflated retail prices anymore. Well-known brands set huge “brand mark-ups” and involve several middlemen between you and the diamond source. As a result, they sell you the exact same diamonds for more money – same supplier, bigger overhead. When you buy a diamond from a retailer, you prevent yourself from getting the best deal.

That’s the mistake Nissan Perla and Diamond Registry won’t let you make. Finding a diamond at wholesale price then creating your custom ring is the only proven way to save on diamond rings. Don’t pay retail prices anymore for your diamond jewellery. We create the most beautiful handcrafted custom diamond ring for less.



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The Matchmaker Of The Industry

Once we receive your order, we instantly connect you to hundreds of diamond suppliers. We have our own membership network of participating cutters and importers located worldwide. The Diamond Registry is the founder of the most extensive global database of diamonds. We work hard on making diamond prices available for both purchases and sales.

Because of a long-term expertise in linking manufactures and traders all over the world, The Diamond Registry is known as a matchmaker of the industry.

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