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Color formation of orange diamonds

Prized for their beauty and rarity, orange diamonds are among the most sought-after colors. More common, yet still rare, are orange diamonds with a natural color modifier such as brown, yellow, pink or red. Because pure orange is a mixture of the primary colors red and yellow, natural fancy orange diamonds are extremely rare in the lab terminology. Instead, they usually range from reddish to yellowish orange. The world’s largest orange diamond weighs 14.82 carats and was sold in 2013 at a Geneva Auction for $31.5 million. Fancy orange pear shape diamond of 14.82 carats

Orange diamonds are incredibly rare

From all the different types of gemstones, natural fancy colored diamonds are the most special. The majority of the diamonds found will fall into the colorless to light yellow category on the D - Z color grading scale defined by the GIA. Stones with even the slightest color hue other than yellow or brown are classified as Fancy Color diamonds, or fancies. Fancies come in a wide range of colors and shades such as orange, blue, brown, black, green, pink, yellow, purple and the incredibly rare red. Fancies altogether are very rare and most of the diamonds found weigh below 1 carat.

The qualities of a colored diamond

The essential factor when determining the value of a fancy color diamond is the quality of the color. The quality of the color is assessed by analyzing the diamond’s distribution of color, hue, tone and saturation. Distribution refers to how evenly the color is spread across the body of the stone. Hue is the dominant color of the diamond, which can be modified by tints. For instance, a yellowish-orange diamond indicates an orange stone with yellowish tints. Tone refers to how light or dark a stone appears. Saturation describes the intensity of the main color present in the stone.

Diamond shape and carat weight

The shape of a colored diamond is decided depending on which shape will bring out the maximum color intensity. Round Cuts tend to weaken color intensity, which is why most colored diamonds have a Fancy Cut. The most favored cuts are Radiant and Cushion Cut, followed closely by Pear Shape, Oval Shape, Heart Shape, and Marquise Cut. Besides color, carat weight plays a large role in determining the value of a colored diamond. Most of the fancies weigh less than 1 carat, regardless of which color type. Fancy colored diamonds above 5 carats are extremely rare and are highly valued.

What are the wholesale prices?

Request a free quote if you want to know the current wholesale prices for fancy orange diamonds. Immediately upon receiving your request, our team of experts will start searching for your orange diamond. Through our global network of diamond cutters and suppliers, we will source the largest inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices. Our diamond expert will contact you personally and provide further details regarding any questions you may still have. He is your dedicated contact from beginning to end.