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Color formation of yellow diamonds

Natural yellow diamonds are the most popular of all colored diamonds. Those with a deeper color than Z on the GIA diamond grading scale fall into the category of fancy color diamond. Because of their bright pleasing yellow color, these stones are often associated with bright sunlight, cheerfulness, joy, prosperity, and happiness. Diamonds referred to as canary yellow is the rarest type of yellow diamonds. The most popular hues are the fancy intense and fancy vivid with a bright, pure shade and no hints of green, brown or red to darken the stone. One of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered is the Tiffany Yellow Diamond. In the rough, it weighed 287.42diamond carat and it was cut into a 128.53 carats Cushion Cut worn only by Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse and Audrey Hepburn.

Fancy colored diamonds are truly exceptional

Yellow Diamond Fancy Color Natural fancy color diamonds hold a place of their own in the magical world of diamonds. Most diamonds are in the colorless to light yellow range, on the D to Z color scale defined by the GIA. Diamonds with a yellow color more intense than Z fall into the category of fancy colored diamond. Color stones are truly a miracle of nature and they come in incredibly beautiful shades, hues, and colors such as yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, orange, black and the very rare red. Fancies altogether are extremely rare as only 1 in 10,000 mined diamonds will be a fancy colored diamond, and most of those will be below 1 carat.

Picking high quality yellow diamonds

The most important factor when determining the value of a fancy color diamond is the quality of the color. Color is assessed by looking at the hue, tone, saturation and distribution. Hue refers to the dominant color of a stone, which can have different tints dependent on the presence of modifiers. For instance, an orangey-yellow diamond indicates it is a yellow stone with orange tints. Tone represents how light or dark a stone appears. The strength or intensity of the hue or main color is described as saturation. The saturation of lightly toned diamonds can vary from light to intense vivid. Distribution refers to how evenly the color is spread across the body of the gem.

Carat weight and diamond shape

As with colorless diamonds, carat weight plays a large role in assessing the value of fancy yellow diamonds. Most of the fancies, regardless of which color they are, weigh less than 1 carat. Large diamonds of 5 carats are extremely rare in fancy color diamonds. The cut of the rough diamond will be decided by which shape will maximize the color of the stone. As Round Cuts have weaker color intensity, most colored diamonds have a Fancy Cut. Radiant and Cushion Cut are the most popular, followed by Pear Shape, Heart Shape, Oval Shape and Marquise Cut.

What are the wholesale prices?

Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will get you the quality diamond you want, at a much better price than retail prices - often 50% higher due to retail margins. To find the current wholesale prices for fancy yellow diamonds, fill in the form to receive a free quote. Upon submitting the request, our team will begin searching for your exact yellow diamond sourcing the world’s largest inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds. Through our global network of diamond suppliers and cutters, we can offer you diamonds of the highest quality at wholesale prices – the best prices available. Our diamond expert will contact you when we have located your diamond to give you the price and provide any further information you may need. He is your dedicated contact from beginning to end.