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A classic diamond cut

These diamonds have rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance, with a square or pillow-shaped outline from which it got the name Cushion Cut. The Cushion Cut has been around for almost 200 years, and during the first century of its existence, it was the most popular diamond shape. If you compare cushion cut diamond vs round diamond you will be amazed that in fact, until the early 20th century the Cushion Cut was almost the standard diamond shape much like the Round Brilliant Cut today. However, it is still the third most popular cut after Round Brilliant Cut and Princess Cut. Its popularity experienced a steady increase because many of the celebrity engagement rings in 2013 were Cushion Cut engagement rings.

Improved brilliance and fire

Princess Cut Diamond Sketch The modern modified Cushion Cut diamond we know today is based on the antique Cushion Cut. The traditional cutting style had a different pavilion and returned the light in a chunkier pattern. Over time, the faceting was refined by shrinking the culet, enlarging the table and improving the cut angles to increase brilliance. This has drastically improved the light performance of the Cushion Cut. Modified Cushion Cut stones have an extra row of facets on the pavilion which gives them a crushed ice look and a fire often even better than Round Brilliant Cut diamonds have.

How to pick the perfect shape

The classic Cushion Cut diamond is shaped like a square with rounded circles and a length-to-width ratio of 1.00. However, the most popular shape is a slight rectangle with a length-to-width ratio ranging between 1.10 and 1.20. The large facets of the Cushion Cut make inclusions and blemishes more visible than with other cuts. Before you buy a Cushion Cut stone, be sure to review the clarity plot on the diamond certificate. But no matter which clarity grade you choose, these diamonds have a look that evokes romance because of their natural shine and beauty.

What are the prices for a Cushion Cut?

The Diamond Registry gives the public access to the current wholesale prices for GIA certified Cushion Cut diamonds, which means better cushion cut diamond prices since you will purchase closer to the natural source. Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will get you the exact same stone you want at a much better price than retail prices. Below you will find the wholesale price list for Fancy Shape diamonds per carat, arranged by clarity grade and carat weight. To get the average wholesale price for the exact diamond you want, multiply the per carat value by the number of carats you want.

What to do next

You might be thinking that creating your own cushion cut diamond ring will be very expensive, well that is not the case if you know where to go. Especially if you create the diamond ring together with in-house jewelers where you have already bought the loose diamond, your own cushion cut diamond rings will be much more beneficial. Cushion cut engagement ringImagine that you don’t choose from the pre-made cushion cut diamond engagement rings but create a unique cushion cut diamond ring. As for example, a special message inside the ring band or with 4 kinds of ring styles mixed together, everything is possible when creating your own. If you are a bit more classic and elegant, the type you might go for is the cushion cut solitaire engagement rings look. This means the diamond will drag all the attention because the solitaire setting is a plain ring band with a prong that holds the diamond with the metal claws. A prong can be rounded, V-shape, pointed or flat. In addition, the prong can be four claws or six claws. The smaller your diamond is the fewer claws are recommended to make your diamond look bigger. If solitaire is not the style and you prefer unique ring settings you might like cushion cut engagement rings pave setting, antique cushion cut engagement rings or halo cushion cut engagement rings. Because opposed to the solitaire ring setting, a pave setting is surrounded by small diamonds in the ring band. The pave setting makes the appearance of the center stone more impressive. Bit of a difficult point with a pave setting is that resizing the ring is very difficult due to all the small diamonds. An antique cushion cut engagement ring is most of the time decorated with side stones, colored gemstones or a prong that is more than just metal claws. The halo cushion cut engagement ring is one of the most chosen ring settings. This ring setting makes the center stone look larger due to all the smaller diamonds that encircle the center stone. The smaller stones create a halo effect which increases not only the appearance of the size but also the sparkle. No matter which rings setting you to prefer, a wide variety of loose diamonds, ring metals and ring settings or design inspiration is possible at Diamond Registry.
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