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Color formation of red diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest of the colored diamond category and only a handful have ever received the grade of a fancy red, a red diamond in the purest form. There are brownish red, pinkish red and purplish red diamonds, but these stones are generally rare and their prices reflect their scarcity on the market. The biggest red diamond ever found is the Moussaieff Red Diamond, formerly known as the Red Shield Diamond. The rough stone weighed 13.9 carats and was discovered by a Brazilian farmer in the Abaetezinho river. It was later cut by William Goldberg into a 5.11 carat Triangular Brilliant Cut, also called a Trillion or Trilliant cut.

Fancy Red diamonds are the rarest of all

Red Diamond Fancy Color In the world of diamonds, natural fancy color diamonds reserve a special place all of their own. The majority of the diamonds that are retrieved from the mines fall into the colorless to light yellow range, on the GIA color grading scale ranging from D to Z. Diamonds with a yellow color more intense than Z, go off the GIA color grading scale and are classified as fancy colored diamonds. Stones with even the slightest hue other than yellow or brown will be categorized as fancy colored diamonds. Red is the rarest color of all, but there are many different shades of color diamonds such as yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, brown and black. It takes approximately one million carats of rough to yield a 1 carat pink diamond – this number is easily doubled for the chances of finding a red diamond.

Picking high-quality red diamonds

The quality of the color is the most important factor when determining the value of a fancy colored diamond. It is assessed by looking at the hue, tone, saturation and distribution. The main color of a stone is called the hue. The hue can have different tints dependent on the presence of modifiers. For instance, a purplish-red diamonds means the color is mainly red, with purple tints. Tone determines how light or dark a stone appears to be. The strength or intensity of the hue is referred to as saturation. Distribution assesses the way color is spread across the stone.

Carat weight and diamond shape

Carat weight plays a large role is assessing the value of fancy red color diamonds besides the intensity of the color alone. Most of the fancies, regardless of which color type, weigh under 1 carat. Fancy colored diamonds larger than 5 carats are extremely rare. The shape is decided to depend on the characteristics of the rough stone, and how its color intensity can be maximized. Round Cuts tend to dissipate the color, which is why most colored diamonds will have a Fancy Cut. Cushion and Radiant Cut are the most popular, followed by Heart Shape, Pear Shape, Oval Shape and Marquise Cut.

What are the wholesale prices?

To get the quality diamond you want at the best possible price, you should look for diamonds at wholesale prices. This way, you exclude middlemen from the purchasing process and save considerably off retail margins which can often push prices by 50%. To find the wholesale prices for fancy red diamonds, fill in the form to receive a free quote. When you submit your request, our team of experts will start searching for your exact red diamond sourcing the world’s largest inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds. We can offer you diamonds at wholesale prices through our global network of diamond suppliers and cutters. This means that you will get the best deal possible. Our diamond expert will contact you personally when your red diamond has been located. He will provide you with more details and answer any questions you may still have.