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Meet the groom’s ring

Men's diamond rings fully coveredAfter getting engaged, it’s exciting to look for men’s diamond rings. On that special marriage day, the groom shall receive a wedding ring that he hopes will not take off. Men’s diamond rings have to suit a man’s everyday look, therefore it is important to take your time and if needed ask for advice. If your man is a bit of a laid-back groom, you can choose a low-profile wedding band. If the man you are going to marry is flashy, a little diamond could be considered.

The different kind of men’s diamond rings

Men's diamond rings solitaireThere is a wide range of men’s diamond rings available. Some of the men’s diamond rings are mounted with diamonds above 2 carat but most of them have diamonds that are 2 carats or lower. The diamond shape for men’s diamond rings is mostly round shape. You can roughly divide men’s diamond rings into 3 categories: • A wide ring with bezel or prong setting • A wide ring with a row of diamonds • A wide ring with a row of diamonds and bezel or prong setting Men’s diamond rings that have a bezel or prong aren’t seen so often. But the wide ring that has a row of diamonds and a bezel or pong even less. The most popular style of men’s diamond rings is the one that has a row of diamonds horizontal or vertical. The diamonds mounted in the wide ring can be colored diamonds or colorless diamonds. If your man does not like a row of diamonds, you can always pick a wedding ring with only one diamond in the ring. Men's diamond rings fully covered

Trending men rings

There are several men’s diamond rings trending at the moment. Most of the trending men’s diamond rings are yellow gold, white gold or platinum over sterling silver. In addition, most men are seen with wide rings that have a row of small diamonds, mostly colorless. However black diamonds combined with titanium are also very favorable men’s diamond wedding rings.

Creating the groom’s wedding ring

It is possible to create the groom’s wedding ring yourself. This way, you can add any diamond ring feature you like to the wedding ring. Added to this, you can buy a more valuable diamond for the ring, due to the wholesale prices of loose diamonds. Ask for a free quote by filling in a free price request on our website. The Diamond Registry will provide you high-quality service and the best wholesale prices for loose diamonds. To complete the service, the consumers can create jewelry with the highly experienced team of Diamond Registry’s in-house jewelry designers. After finishing the diamond ring, the groom will not believe his eyes!