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From Diamond engagement rings to vintage rings

When it comes to jewelry, nothing compares to the stunning brilliance and elegance of diamond rings. Most are given for someone’s birthday, an anniversary, as a part of the wedding ceremony, or to announce a lifetime commitment with the engagement ring – the King of Rings. Diamond rings are the ultimate jewelry pieces, with brilliance and allure unparalleled by any other precious gemstone or metal. There are many different options available to create a ring that is uniquely yours and perfectly matches you as a couple. Read the descriptions linked to the titles of paragraphs to understand how to choose between them! By reading all the materials, you'll learn the difference between a bezel setting and a prong setting, why a Halo ring design with an eternity ring band is the most popular today, and how you can buy loose diamonds and jewelry services separately saving you up to 50% off retail prices.

Diamond Rings

For a special bond between two people

Most rings are given to another person to seal an engagement, celebrate an anniversary, or show commitment with a promise ring. There are endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to designing these beautiful jewelry pieces. READ MORE

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

The most beautiful engagement rings

A yellow diamond engagement ring is the trend in the making. Being the most special jewelry you will ever buy, it symbolizes the emotional engagement between two people. This link forms a special bond only the most beautiful diamond engagement ring can dignify. If you want to have a diamond ring that is different from what most people have, consider buying a yellow diamond engagement ring... READ MORE

1 carat diamond

Find the perfect 1 carat diamond ring

Most diamonds sold today have 1 carat diamond size. By the way, carat weight is one of the 4Cs and is the most simple factor in determining diamond prices. However, you should know that carat size is not a completely accurate term. READ MORE

Engagement Ring Settings

Diamond ring settings explained

Bezel setting, prong setting, channel set, invisible setting... Discover all that you need to know before choosing the right setting for your ring.

Black Diamond Rings for women

Mysterious colored diamond

Black diamond rings for women can look very dramatic but always stunning. These natural black diamonds are not transparent.

Diamond prices for rings

Diamond rings have different diamond prices

What is most important for the diamond price of a ring? All diamond rings are special, and each will have its own beauty and uniqueness. But above the ring design, precious metal, and ring settings, the most important part of the ring is... READ MORE

3 Carat Diamond Ring Price

A 3 carat loose diamond straight from the source

A lot of people love its look, mostly for the perfect size. Check a 3 carat diamond ring price with us! Our experts recommend a 3 carat diamond ring because it’s big enough to catch a lot of attention but small enough to wear on a daily basis for all kinds of occasions. When we say 3 carat, we talk about carat weight ... READ MORE