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The mysterious black diamond ring has a beauty all of its own

12carat black diamond ringDiamond rings are truly the most special diamond jewelry of all. There are many different designs and choices when it comes to picking your perfect diamond ring such as the different the loose diamond shape, the other 4Cs features, ring setting and overall ring design. Many people are drawn to a modern approach and look for a black diamond ring. Fancy color diamonds offer an elegant and sophisticated take on diamond rings and a black diamond ring has a mysterious beauty all of its own.

Where does the black diamond come from?

Opposite to other fancy color diamonds and colorless diamonds, a black diamond shows little fire and is not transparent. However, a black diamond is equally astonishing. A black diamond ring may show modifying colors which are often white or gray. Countless graphite inclusions cause the dark color present in a black diamond. The black diamond has always been surrounded by mystery. Not just because of its enigmatic dark color, but also due to its heavenly origins – it is said that the black diamond falls to the earth from the sky as meteorites. Talk about a unique black diamond ring...

How to buy a black diamond ring

Pick the perfect black diamond ring based on your taste and budget. To receive today’s diamond prices for your black diamond, ask for a free quote. Our wholesale diamond experts will help you to define your choice and pick a black diamond that would be perfect for you, sourcing the wholesale diamond market. To buy a black diamond to make a black diamond ring the smart way, there are three key guidelines to follow: buy at wholesale prices, buy loose diamonds and insist on only buying diamonds issued with GIA certificates. The Diamond Registry is considered the primary source of information regarding accurate diamond wholesale prices and enables the public to access the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices. The Diamond Registry also offers all-around jewelry services and is the only source you need to create your own unique black diamond ring.