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Pink Colored Diamonds Are Rare And Very Popular

famous pink diamond ring

The beautiful fancy pink diamond

There are loose diamonds in all kinds of fancy colors. Natural fancy colored diamonds are a miracle made by nature. Since 2002 the pink diamond has become increasingly popular in the society. A pink diamond that has a strong presence of color is one of the rarest and most desirable diamond, often compared to a fairytale romance. As you could imagine, the pink diamond is frequently seen in princess cut engagement rings, cushion cut engagement rings and diamond and earrings.

The color quality of the pink diamond

10 carat pink diamond engagement ring

Color is the most important factor that determines the value of a fancy colored diamond. To measure the quality of a colored diamond, such as a pink diamond you will be looking at the quality of the color. But when is the color of the diamond good quality?



The color of the diamond is assessed by its:

  • diamond hue, the dominant diamond color
  • diamond distribution, how evenly the color is spread across the body of the gem.
  • diamond tone, the light or dark appearance of the diamond
  • diamond saturation, the intensity of the main color in the diamond

Rare, desirable but expensive pink diamonds

A high quality pink diamond is one of the most expensive natural colored diamonds in the market these days, with the red diamonds as the absolute most desired colored diamond. After measuring the quality of the pink diamond, the carat weight will also have a big influence on the diamond price. The pink diamonds that are usually found are much smaller in size than for example the colorless diamonds. Most of the pure pink diamonds that are discovered weigh less than one carat. The combination of high demand and low supply of pink diamonds makes it obvious that it is rare, desirable but expensive.

Which diamond shape suits your pink diamond the best?

Colored diamonds such as the pink diamond, yellow diamond, red diamond, green diamond or blue diamond deserves a diamond shape that strengthens the color intensity of the diamond. Most of the time, a pink diamond is cut into a round shape. Other popular diamond shapes for a pink diamond are the princess cut, cushion cut, pear shape and radiant cut, especially popular for diamond engagement rings.

Purchasing a pink diamond of your own

The Diamond Registry can help you purchase the perfect pink diamond for a wholesale price. Since 1961, The Diamond Registry is the world’s most comprehensive diamond information platform. The website helps individuals to find the perfect diamond, buying directly from the source at wholesale prices. By asking for a free quote, our wholesale diamond experts will source the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose diamonds. In addition, the consumers can create pink diamond jewelry with a highly experienced team of in-house jewelry designers.