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Tired of searching for a pink diamond with a perfect value-for-money ratio? Curious about finding the right place to buy pink diamonds? Our experts will provide you with all the information needed to make the right choice and learn everything needed about a pink diamond price!

For the past decades, a pink diamond has become a perfect asset for investment — besides, its romantic fancy pink color suits to propose a tender girl ideally. But the general rarity of pink diamonds caused a severe problem: the demand for them exceeds supply. So, as a diamond buyer, you face a high risk of becoming a victim of manipulation and getting a low-quality jewel for an extremely high cost.

To help you make an informed decision about fancy-colored diamonds in general and pink diamonds in particular, follow this guide! We’ll explain how cut, clarity, color, and carat weight affect the pink diamond price. Also, we’ll explain the influence of other factors on the cost of colored diamonds and recommend the best place to make the fancy purchase of pink diamonds.

How cut affects the cost of pink diamonds?

In the diamond industry, fancy diamonds are extremely rare (they compose only 0.01% of the total mining load!). In terms of their exact appearance, fancy-colored diamonds are mostly brown, yellow, or gray. So, if you aim at finding a pink diamond with perfect cutting, many specialists may twist a finger at a temple and say you ask for a miracle.

But let’s clarify the situation. When it comes to a fancy-colored diamond, what does the “perfect cut” mean? In a stone, it reveals itself in several parameters: symmetrical shape, color intensity, bigger appearance, and a shiny polish. You can’t see it, but you’ll surely feel the top quality as a delicate yet definite touch of a caring hand of a professional cutter.

To get the best from your diamond of a fancy pink hue, pick a round shape. This cut is a never-fading classic, and you’ll enjoy the fancy sparkling of a pink round diamond to the fullest. 

By considering all the tremendous attention a perfect cut requires, you may really think that finding a pink diamond of a perfect cut is impossible… But impossible is nothing with Diamond Registry! In our worldwide wholesale inventory, we can source pink diamonds of a high-quality cut within a couple of days. Contact us and check our abilities in finding any fancy-colored diamonds!

Clarity factor for pink diamonds

In addition to extremely rare combination of a perfect cut with pink color, finding flawless pink diamonds in terms of clarity also stands high. Of course, everybody wants a perfect diamond – which means you won’t fancy any visible flaws and imperfections in your precious stone.

With this parameter, diamonds can grade from IF (Flawless) to I3 (with severe imperfections). For pink diamonds, this difference between two extremes is striking – shine, sparkle, and penetration of light are severely damaged in an imperfect stone, thanks to the purity of a fancy pink hue itself. In addition, any fancy-colored stone with visible imperfections falls in price significantly.

Thus, always check the diamond certificates of chosen pink diamonds to see how perfect is their clarity.

Color depth grades for pink diamonds

Gemologists don’t have a common vision on the mechanics of pink color formation in a precious stone. Some scientists claim that it appeared because of the tremendous pressure, while the others state it appeared as the result of a seismic shock. In any case, the color depth is a critical factor that determines the value of fancy-colored and pink diamonds.

In detail, the grading color scale for pink diamonds consists of the following intensity stages:

  • Faint
  • Very light
  • Light
  • Fancy light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Dark

Alternatively, color grades for pink diamonds can range from 1 to 9. It’s Argyle grading system for precious stones. The greater its number is, the more intensity pink-colored diamonds have.

Since color determines that much in fancy stones, how does it modify the price for pink diamonds exactly? Here are some essential facts:

  • Don’t hesitate to select pink diamonds with orange, purple, or brown tints. Going for a combination with other fancy color hues is not recommended, though.
  • The more intensity the colored diamond has, the higher the price you’ll pay to own it.
  • The presence of a purplish modifier in pink diamonds reduces its price.

Carat weight influence on the cost of pink diamonds

As with other fancy-colored diamond categories, the price for pink diamonds increases with their size. In other words, the more carats you want for the stone, the more expensive pink diamond you get.

At the same time, there are companies like Diamond Registry, offering buying from wholesale sellers to save money. When it comes to engagement rings and other jewelry of a fancy pink hue, your abilities to save raise with stones of a heavy carat weight.

So, many carats mean not only more money to pay but also more money to save! 

What are the other factors that increase the price of pink diamonds?

In addition to the above-mentioned elements of pink jewels (frequently referred to as 4Cs), some other things affect the value. These factors may seem non-related to the diamond characteristics – but in reality, they determine the whole pricing dynamics on diamonds of a fancy pink hue.

Among all, the greatest source for pink diamonds is Argyle mine, the place in Western Australia. So, the availability of fancy-colored diamonds from this mine is one of the most critical factors affecting the pricing of pink diamonds. Recently, this mine was closed – so the value of an engagement ring with a pink jewel of a great carat weight will get only higher.

In addition, marketing has always been playing a critical role, making pink diamonds either cheap or expensive. For example, the engagement ring presented by Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 increased the prices for pink diamonds significantly. Everybody wanted to be as romantic as the actor – and so, pink jewels skyrocketed in their monetary value as never before!

What is the best place to check all the parameters of pink diamonds?

In a special document titled GIA report! This certificate states all the key characteristics of your pink jewel, so you clearly see what you pay for. In addition, the GIA report is a relevant basis for selling your precious stone of a fancy pink hue, if needed. 

In addition to all the knowledge on pricing models for pink diamonds, Diamond Registry will be happy to help you really save money on them. We are specialized in selling fancy stones of a heavy carat weight and extreme clarity. If you want to buy an engagement ring, earrings, or any other type of jewelry with pink diamonds, feel free to send us a request and visit our offices in Hong Kong and New York. For decades, professionals in Diamond Registry work with wholesalers to deliver the top-quality gemstones.

Here’s a recent case study on buying high-class jewelry we’re proud of sharing with you!

Do you want to enjoy the same benefits with a fancy-colored diamond of your dreams? Fill in the request form and let our experts guide you through the purchase journey!   

Diamond Registry Additional Service: How Much Money Will You Save?
Weight: 0.38 Carat
Shape: Pear
Color: Pink
Intensity: Fancy Intense
Clarity: VS2
On April 24, 2019, a client contacted us for expert advice. He intended to make a diamond ring purchase of a 0.38-carat, fancy intense, pear-shaped, pink diamond.
The offer he received from a retailer was $USD 69,300.
After searching amongst our worldwide network of wholesale suppliers, we managed to find & bring him the very same fancy diamond for $USD $47,800.
A result of a total saving was $USD 21,500, an almost 31% saving.