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A 7 carat diamond for special anniversaries

With its extraordinary size, a 7 carat diamond is the ideal choice for those very special celebrations. Every diamond is unique as they have a different clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Especially from 7 carats and up, the diamonds are truly? unique. This is due to their size and rarity. Fewer than 20 percent of the diamonds retrieved from deep down in the mines are true gem quality. The odds for finding a 7 carat diamond are incredibly small. Therefore, wearing such a treasure is reserved only for a few lucky ones.

How much does it cost?

Diamond Pricing: at 7 carats, a diamond weighs 1.4 grams and a Round Brilliant cut has a diameter of an amazing 12.4mm. These are incredible measurements for something as special as a diamond. The prices per carat range from $11,313 to $171,927. A 7 carat diamond is the ideal choice for special occasions such as an anniversary. Whether you want it set in a beautiful ring, or maybe even a matching pair of earrings, these are truly unique diamonds.? These pieces of jewelry will always look stunning.

7 carat diamond size comparison

What are the wholesale prices of a 7 carat?

To buy the most special diamond within your budget, always buy it at wholesale prices. The average wholesale price for a diamond is calculated by multiplying the price per carat with the? weight. So in this case multiplied by 7. The average wholesale price for a GIA Certified 7 carat diamonds ranges between $79,191 and $1,203,489.

7 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 171.927 127.662 114.959 96.741 73.517 44.649 29.381
E 126.379 113.805 100.204 86.732 69.284 41.313 28.482
F 110.982 99.948 91.608 79.932 58.891 37.721 27.328
G 83.269 74.929 68.514 61.585 51.193 33.872 25.788
H 65.435 59.404 54.400 48.498 40.543 29.381 23.222
I 47.728 44.906 43.109 37.721 33.872 24.890 20.143
J 36.052 34.128 31.947 29.637 28.226 22.196 17.834
K 28.152 26.173 24.633 22.709 21.426 17.448



7 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 120.854 92.105 84.651 73.004 59.917 37.401 23.558
E 90.508 84.385 74.929 67.487 55.940 34.898 22.893
F 77.064 72.007 65.178 58.891 47.857 31.691 21.695
G 63.089 57.632 51.706 45.804 40.196 27.585 20.630
H 35.796 47.857 42.853 38.747 33.359 23.992 17.835
I 35.796 33.230 31.049 27.585 26.220 19.565 15.040
J 27.019 24.634 23.351 21.041 20.231 16.238 13.576
K 21.429 19.758 18.604 16.807 16.770 13.310 11.313

What to do next

To get the up-to-date wholesale price for your type of 7 carat diamond, ask us for a free quote. We will source the global network of diamond cutters and wholesalers, accessing the world’s largest inventory of diamonds at wholesale prices unavailable to you. Our diamond expert will then contact you to discuss further details and answer any questions you may still have. He will be your dedicated contact from beginning to end.

Sky is the limit when you create your 7 carat diamond ring.

Purchase your own loose diamonds and design the jewelry A 7 carat diamond ring has a diamond size that is impressive and extremely rare. However, a 7 carat diamond ring is favorable for special occasions since it can make every outfit more stunning. By purchasing your loose 7 carat diamond at best diamond price it is possible to buy a better quality 7 carat with the same budget. In addition, a loose diamond gives you unlimited possibilities since can pick your own diamond and designs you prefer. The Diamond Registry is an experienced match-maker in the diamond industry and can help you to find your perfect 7 carat diamond ring. In addition, through years of experience our in-house jewelers have acquired outstanding jewelry craftsmanship skills and are using the best cutting edge technology. So whether you might like a cushion cut, emerald cut, princess cut or round cut our in-house designers can help you. It is good to know that for 7 carat diamond rings the cushion cut is very favorable and trending in the diamond market. For the diamond buyers that want a more unique 7 carat diamond ring it is an option to look for a loose colored diamonds, such as pink, blue, brown or yellow. So, for a 7 carat diamond ring where the diamond is bought loose at wholesale price there is a wide variation since you can change diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond cut and diamond ring setting.

Famous 7 carat diamond ring


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