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Princess cut diamond popular design for diamond rings

The princess cut diamond is categorized under fancy shaped diamond. Based on the round cut diamond, its faceting style has kite shaped and triangular-shaped facets that radiate from the center of the diamond. Referred to by some as a square modified brilliant, the princess cut diamond has a sparkle similar to that of the round cut diamond but at a much better price. The square design and brilliant sparkle have made it a popular choice amongst modern couples that are looking to step back from the traditional and buy beautiful modern diamond rings.

Princess-cut diamond: Bigger diamond for a better price

One of the many beauties of princess-cut diamond rings is that they will look bigger when compared to round diamond rings of the same carat weight. The corner to corner measure of the diamond’s table can be up to 15% greater than compared with a round cut diamond. Princess-cut diamond rings will come at much greater prices than round diamond rings. One of the reasons is that the princess-cut diamond yields about 80% of the original rough uncut diamond. Round diamonds will yield approximately 50% of the original rough diamond. These two facts combined, make the princess-cut diamond appear larger than round diamonds at a much better price.

Buying a princess-cut diamond at wholesale price

The best way to buy a princess-cut diamond, or any other type of diamond, is to source loose diamonds issued with GIA certification at wholesale diamond prices. Buying diamonds at wholesale prices means you are purchasing the diamonds before they end up in retail stores – which is when the price could easily double. Loose diamonds means that you buy diamonds before they are mounted on a ring. The combination of these two steps allows you to save considerably off diamonds available retail prices – up to 50-70%. GIA certification ensures that the princess-cut diamond you purchase is graded by the number one most professional and universally recognized diamond grading lab. The GIA has set the standard for all other diamond grading labs, is preferred by all diamond traders in the industry, and is your best choice.

Princess Cut Diamond hold by tweezers

How to source the wholesale diamond market

The Diamond Registry is the primary source when it comes to accessing the wholesale diamond industry. With over 50 years of experience, The Diamond Registry has set up a worldwide network of diamond suppliers and manufacturers dealing in GIA certified loose diamonds. By asking our wholesale diamond experts for a free quote, we will find your perfect princess-cut diamond, or any other diamond, at the best available wholesale price worldwide. Together with the jewelry services we provide, The Diamond Registry is the only online diamond source you’ll need.