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A wholesale diamond has the best price

Diamonds have always been precious and considered the most valuable resource in several kingdoms. The arrival of the 19th century opened up the opportunity for the trade of loose diamonds worldwide. Today, factors like availability, marketing campaigns, the use of the latest cutting technique, the increased skill of gem cutters have stimulated the demand for diamonds. In this century the online diamond market has boosted the trade of wholesale diamonds one hundred fold. The concept of wholesale diamonds has added flexibility to the trade of diamonds. The dealers of wholesale diamonds usually offer diamonds to customers at a competitive rate: lower loose diamonds wholesale prices compared to retail diamond prices. The trade of wholesale diamonds, wholesale fancy diamonds, and wholesale colored diamonds are very popular among jewelers. It is the best way to source diamonds at the best price – before they enter the retail store and diamond shops. Buying wholesale fancy diamonds in large quantities is also a popular practice among the jewelers allowing them to gain even more benefit from their purchase. So, if you buy diamonds closer to the natural source, meaning wholesale, it can easily mark up to 50 – 60% of the total diamond price.

Several loose diamond shapes Buying loose diamonds

Wholesale diamonds dealers are available online and ready to offer you quality diamonds such as loose diamonds GIA certified. With a single click, you can reach out to innumerable wholesale fancy diamonds and wholesale diamond dealers anywhere in the world. Making the question where to buy diamonds a bit harder since wholesale diamond dealers are everywhere, New York is a prominent place for getting wholesale diamonds. The dealers of wholesale diamonds in New York offer the best diamonds available in the market at a competitive rate. Buying wholesale diamonds through online methods will save you time and you can do all the necessary formalities of any trade agreement in the comfort of your own home or office. On the Internet, we even provide an up to date loose diamonds wholesale price chart to give an indication of the diamond prices. The most important rule in online Wholesale Diamond purchasing is to ensure that the dealer is certified and that the diamonds come with a genuine certificate. For this, we always recommend the GIA as the number one diamond grading lab. It is also important to check that the dealer of wholesale diamonds or Wholesale fancy diamonds offers authentic information regarding their products and services. Please fill out our Free Diamond Price Quote right now to receive today's loose diamonds price and to see how we can help you realize your diamond buying dreams.