Wholesale Loose Diamonds: A quick overview of the diamond basics

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Loose Diamonds and wholesale Diamonds

When it comes to buying diamonds, you should familiarize yourself with the terms loose diamonds and wholesale diamonds. Buying loose diamonds at wholesale prices will easily save you 50% off retail margins, which makes it possible for you to purchase a higher quality diamond with the same budget. For wholesale diamond prices, diamond dealers use the diamond carat price to express the value of the diamond. Only purchase diamonds when they have been graded by a certified diamond grading laboratory. The GIA is the number one diamond grading lab, upholding the highest grading standards. The authenticity and accuracy of the stated diamond quality are guaranteed with GIA certification and recognized by the diamond industry worldwide.

Buy diamonds the smart way

What does it mean to buy loose diamonds? When you are interested in buying a diamond, you’ve probably been reading up on the 4Cs, GIA certification, ring designs and advice on how to buy diamonds. Then there is a big chance you’ve also come across the term buying loose diamonds. But what exactly does it mean?

Diamond prices at the source

What exactly does it mean to buy diamonds at a wholesale price? Are the diamonds a different quality than the ones sold by famous retail brands? Are they GIA certified? Does wholesale require you to buy more than one? And most importantly: where can you buy diamonds at wholesale prices?

Diamond Prices, how to use the diamond price list

If you understand the diamond pricing method and know the up-to-date diamond prices, then you will be able to fully understand the possibilities available to you with your current budget. To increase what you can buy with your budget, the best thing you can do is buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices.

Buy Diamonds, what you should know before you buy diamond

Do you have a basic understanding of diamond quality and diamond prices? Read more

Diamond Buying Guide

How to buy a diamond in 5 steps. Make buying diamonds easy with our diamond buying guide.Read more

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry comes in many forms however, it is the center diamond that really makes your ring. A 3 carat princess cut diamond set in a yellow gold ring is entirely different than a 5 carat cushion cut diamond set in a vintage ring design. Read more

Colored Diamond

Amazing fancy rainbow colors: Natural fancy colored diamonds are special; they are graded in their own way, different than colorless diamonds. Those colored diamonds come in a wide range of hues...Continue Reading

GIA Certification

Loose diamonds can be graded by several grading labs to receive a certification, but the GIA certification is the best. Continue Reading...

Pink Diamond

Natural colored diamonds such as pink diamonds are seen more and more often in diamond jewelry today. Pink diamonds can cost from 5 to 100 times as much as colorless diamonds. Continue Reading...

Green Diamonds

Natural colored diamonds are rare, but only a green diamond is extremely rare. From all the colored diamonds green diamonds and red diamonds are the rarest. Continue Reading...

Yellow Diamonds

In the world of colored diamonds, there are many different colors that each have a distinct character, but one of the most alluring colored diamonds is the yellow diamond. Continue Reading...

Diamond Quality

In the diamond industry, there are many loose diamonds available but every diamond quality is different. Colorless diamonds are graded in a very different way than colored diamonds. Colorless diamonds are more valuable if there is no color in the diamond. Continue Reading...

GIA Diamond

A GIA Diamond is a diamond graded by the world’s best acknowledge diamond grading laboratory. The reason that a GIA diamond grading report is considered to be the most correct in terms of accuracy and reliability is because the GIA holds a higher standard for grading loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. Continue Reading...

Diamond Clarity Scale

The diamond clarity scale is only used for colorless loose diamonds since colored diamonds are graded on their own. All the colorless diamonds are not evenly bright or “clean” as diamonds can have inclusions or blemishes. Continue Reading...

Diamond Scale

Understand the grading scale for loose diamonds. Amongst all the different diamond features, the carat diamond weight is the best way to start making a selection of loose diamonds that would be within your budget. Continue Reading...

Price of Diamonds

In the world of wholesale diamonds, the price per carat value is used to express the price of diamonds. The price per carat value is determined by a combination of diamond clarity, color grade and arranged by carat weight. Continue Reading...

Buy Diamonds Online

Just like any other item today, the best way to go about buying diamonds is to buy diamonds online. When you buy diamonds online, you will have access to the all the information you need to understand which diamond is the best for you. Continue Reading...

2 carat Diamond

The 2 carat diamond price is very affordable even when diamonds are very rare and popular. A two carat diamond is slightly larger than a 1 carat diamond which can make it more eye-catching. But to estimate the diamond’s value you need to know the 4C’s: clarity, color, cut and carat. Continue Reading...

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