Champagne diamonds

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What are Champagne diamonds?

Champagne diamonds are part of the natural brown diamond family, with light brown as the primary color and a soft and alluring yellowish tint as a secondary. In particular, Champagne diamonds contain nitrogen, which becomes trapped in the diamond’s structure during its formation. The more nitrogen, the more intense the brown color. These diamonds are particularly difficult to cut due to the fragile crystalline structure and abnormal shapes. That’s why there is special diamond cutting training programs to teach the art behind the diamond cut for Champagne diamonds, bringing out the maximum beauty. Today, most Champagne diamonds come from the Argyle Mine in Australia.

Color grading for Champagne diamonds

Champagne diamonds Usually, diamond color is graded on a scale from D to Z, where D represents colorless and Z a slight yellow hue. Fancy color diamonds are graded differently as the color intensity is more rare and valued, it requires a different color grading scheme. Yet Champagne diamonds have a separate diamond color grading method. The GIA certificate will only describe a Champagne diamond as fancy light yellow-brown, or yellowish brown. However, the Argyle Mine has set up their own diamond grading system for these fancy color diamonds, which ranges from C1 all the way to C7, where C1 is a light champagne color and C7 a dark color bordering Cognac diamonds. The darker Champagne diamonds are graded, the more rare and valuable they are.

A popular choice, fit for a variety of styles

These particular brown diamonds have a sense of luxury and elegance, which is why it is a popular choice for many diamond buyers. Overall, the price for fancy colored diamonds is much higher than colorless diamonds except for brown and black diamonds. These gems are very versatile when it comes to fashion styles. Fit for almost every outfit, casual or formal, Champagne diamonds are always a good choice that will never cease to impress. Just look at the 20 carat Champagne diamond earrings Jennifer Lopez wore, the 20-carat briolette worn by Hilary Swank, or the 62-carat oval shape diamond brooch by Helen Mirren. Ask for a free quote to find your perfect Champagne diamonds and shine like the stars.