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Carat Weight
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Carat Weight
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4 carat diamond price depends on the  4Cs. Carat is one of the 4Cs and the most easily understood: it is the weight of the diamond. However, carat is not the same as karat – a measurement of purity for gold – or for a unit of size. Carat weight does directly  affect the size of a diamond, rather than proportionately. Just as the weight of a person can indicate height, but it does not determine it precisely. Other main price influencers are clarity, cut and color.

How much does it cost?

Diamond Pricing: 4 carat diamonds are highly valued4 carat diamonds weigh 800 milligrams.  A round brilliant cut has an average diameter of 10.2mm. The prices per carat for 4 carat diamonds range from $7,920 to $105,270 PER CARAT. Diamonds larger than 2 carats become increasingly rare. Therefore prices increase with demand. To make the stone’s size really stand out, consider using two 1 carat shoulder stones to create a contrast that truly shows off the unique quality of your 4 carat diamond.

4 carat diamond

What are the wholesale prices of a 4 carat?

Buy wholesale to get the highest quality diamond at the best possible price To calculate the current wholesale price for your 4 carat diamond, check the price list. Find the price per carat of that color and clarity grade. Then multiply it  by the exact weight.  Finally, you will get the average price for that color and clarity that you selected. The average wholesale prices of a GIA Certified 4 carat diamond range between $31,680 and $421,080

4 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 105.270 81.950 74.910 60.390 47.410 28.930 20.130
E 81.840 74.580 64.460 54.010 44.770 27.720 19.580
F 73.810 64.350 57.200 49.170 40.370 26.070 19.140
G 55.660 50.050 45.540 42.790 34.980 22.770 17.600
H 42.350 39.820 36.410 33.880 28.380 20.350 16.280
I 30.470 28.820 27.060 24.970 21.780 16.940 14.410
J 24.640 23.320 22.110 20.350 18.040 14.850 12.540
K 20.900 19.580 18.370 17.050 15.180 12.100 10.670
4 carat diamond i.f. vvs1 vvs2 vs1 vs2 si1 si2
D 67.760 54.780 49.170 43.560 37.840 22.880 15.290
E 53.240 49.280 45.980 39.930 35.090 22.000 14.630
F 48.070 45.980 41.800 36.080 30.690 20.350 14.190
G 40.700 36.960 32.780 31.350 26.180 18.480 13.860
H 33.220 30.910 27.830 25.850 21.780 16.170 12.210
I 24.420 23.210 21.340 19.910 18.590 14.080 10.780
J 17.710 16.940 15.950 15.070 14.300 11.440 9.350
K 13.970 13.200 12.320 11.880 11.110 8.910 7.920

What to do next

Ask for a free quote to receive today’s wholesale price for the type of 4 carat diamond you are looking for. Our diamond expert will search our global network of diamond wholesalers and cutters, accessing the world’s largest inventory, to find your diamond at the absolute best price. He will then contact you to discuss further details and answer any questions you may still have. With the right information, right diamond at right price, you will be ready to create your own unique 4 carat diamond ring.

Personalized engagement rings, wedding rings or Diamond Rings will definitely enrich your proposal

Our step-by-step explanation to create every unique diamond jewelry you ever wanted Have you ever thought about a tailor-made 4 carat diamond ring? With Diamond Registry’s all-round jewelry service it is possible to create one. By creating your 4 carat diamond jewelry with Diamond Registry you will even save money. A tailor made 4 carat diamond ring gives you the opportunity to pick a type of jewelry and type of loose diamond you would like to mount onto the ring. Through our highly experienced of the jewelers and diamonds experts, the steps for a 4 carat diamond ring will go smoothly and secure. The jewelers can inform you about the current trending ring designs and diamond shapes. For example, ring designs can be a prong setting, bezel setting or tension setting. Made in combination with trending diamond shapes such as emerald cut, cushion cut, Asscher cut or princess cut that have been cut by the latest cutting technology. A 4 carat diamond can also be a colored diamonds such as pink, blue, brown, red or yellow diamonds. It all depend on what you want to create with the diamond jewelers and experts of Diamond Registry. Do you fancy a larger diamond in a personalized ring? Then see our step by step explanation for the 5 carat diamond ring or 6 carat diamond ring, and familiarize yourself with the unique possibilities.
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