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How to buy engagement ring

The most comfortable time to start searching for and buy engagement ring is two or three months before the proposal. In this case, you’ll have enough time to determine the dream jewelry design, conduct all the needed comparison, and receive your engagement ring.

But as with any complicated thing, the process of purchasing a diamond engagement ring is the question of comprehensive preparation and finding a right approach. We’re here to offer you the action plan with helpful advices on how to make the best decision ever.

Engagment Rings

Things to consider before buying an engagement ring

Factor #1. Budget

Money is always a sharp question when it comes to diamonds. Many people abandon the very idea of buying a high-quality engagement ring, thinking they don’t have money for that. However, the market offers many options for any budget – especially, if you refer to online services that have diamonds at wholesale prices.

Factor #2. Ring design

Also, be attentive to the ring design. Everything is important – the metal and its color, the style – vintage or modern, the single diamond or several ones inside.

Sometimes you can guess what a girl wants from the style she likes. Choosing the shape is one of the most critical steps here. Choosing either cushion or heart-shaped diamond can tell a lot about the personality. For example, the fan of sentimental dresses can easily fall in love with a halo engagement ring on her finger. A stylish lady in elegant outfits is likely to fancy a top-quality platinum jewelry.

A good starting point is investigating her current jewelry to see what she generally likes to wear. Refer to her activity in social media – you may see what she liked there and understand what she wants. But of course, these methods are rather complicated. It’s always better to dispel all the blurry details by asking directly her closest friends and relatives.

Factor #3. The 4’Cs for a diamond

And, of course, learn everything possible about diamonds. The basic 4C’s (carat, color, clarity, and cut) are the dimensions affecting the total cost of your engagement ring.

Cut is the most critical parameter to consider, since its quality makes the difference in the very appearance of an engagement ring. Don’t take gem cut too deep or too shallow.

Factor #4. The metal in a band

Another important parameter to think about is the metal in a band. The key options jewelers will offer you are gold and platinum. In its turn, gold metal has different colors – white, yellow, and rose. The most popular customer choice for low budget is 14K (58,3% gold) and 18K (75%) as a slightly more expensive option.

A useful tip: white gold is a better choice if want something like platinum but for less. In addition to cost benefits, it’s easier to maintain and more convenient to clean. However, any gold type can be as strong as platinum is. 

Factor #5. Credibility 

Check your vendor. You should trust the person or the company you’re referring to, otherwise the whole deal won’t work.  

The trustworthy diamond should have a certificate which validates the 4C’s characteristics and the origin of your diamond. Always check this before making a purchase! In particular, the presence of a certificate and the credentials of an institute that issued it. The really reliable ones are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society).

Engagment Diamond Rings

What size should an engagement ring be? 

It may be the great disappointment ever if you choose an ideal engagement ring… and it doesn’t fit her finger! To prevent this from happening, make the necessary preparation to know for sure the size is perfect: starting from asking the exact number to guessing the right one by checking other rings she has.    

And just to give you a certain point of reference, the most common finger size for women is 6… But we don’t recommend relying on that information too much. 

How much do you spend on an engagement ring? 

In contrast to wedding rings that commonly look like a simple band, an engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that has a rich design and features a precious gemstone. So, the very purpose of presenting it calls for having a separate sum to make sure you will afford everything needed. 

The budget for an average engagement ring with a diamond is around $6,500. But you don’t want something average, right? So, you can go above and below this line by playing with the design, dedicating extra time to searching for a reliable supplier, and adjusting the main parameters of a chosen diamond. 

You can find a diamond that is worth even $1,000 – just use the smart approach to shopping and enjoy the benefits!

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The meaning: the secret element of a perfect diamond engagement ring

If you’ve decided to buy engagement ring, there are many technical things to consider in the reality: brand characteristics, number of carats, exact finger size… But there is one thing that is always more valuable than all the others, the one that makes things really work. 

That’s the meaning behind the chosen diamond. 

Also, you can add significance to your engagement ring by making it from family heirlooms. You can resize them, add new features, or insert the special diamond in the old ring style. 

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