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There is a wide range of engagement rings online

Over the years engagement rings online or offline are getting more sparkling and shiny due to diamonds. Therefore, most of the engagement rings nowadays are with a beautiful diamond. This diamond could be a 2 carat diamond or even a 5 carat diamond, depending on the budget. Since there are many diamond engagement rings available on the diamond market, it allows you to purchase it online or offline. You can pick a finished engagement ring, but it is more beneficial to create and design your own engagement ring with a diamond wholesaler who can provide loose diamonds. Purchasing engagement rings online is overall less expensive since there is less overhead cost and it allows you to find loose diamonds for a wholesale price. If you know how to purchase in a smart way online, it is possible to buy a better stone within the same budget.

3 tips for buying diamond engagement rings online

Yellow diamond ringPurchasing diamonds online is for some of us very convenient or very scary, because how do you buy this major important purchase with one click of a mouse. Purchasing a diamond online is different than buying it in a retail store since you aren’t able to really see or touch the diamond. However, these characteristics are no longer barriers if you know how to purchase the right diamond without seeing or touching it. Therefore while you are buying diamonds online keep these tips in mind:

Know your preferences

The internet is very large and very in-depth in terms of information available to you. If you do not know your preferences for diamonds you will drown in the number of possibilities, which can mislead you to buy an engagement ring that is not ideal for you because you got seduced by the price for example. Looking around and informing yourself on the internet is fine, but purchasing a diamond by looking around can be much riskier. Thus, know your preference to make you search online more targeted.

Pick safely

If you know which diamond will be looking good in your engagement ring it is important to purchase it safely. You do not want to buy a fake or disappointing diamond engagement ring, do you? Because of that, it is recommended by the diamond industry to buy diamonds with a certificate. In these certificates, you can find the particular diamond characteristics which can help you to know the diamond. Take for example the GIA diamonds which are graded by world’s most appreciated diamond grading company who gives accurate information to diamond buyers. With a GIA diamond, you know for instance the exact diamond color, diamond clarity, diamond cut or diamond fluorescence. Know your supplier When you are ready to buy an engagement ring online there is a big question: where? So for sure, it will be a supplier that you can trust. But when do you trust a supplier online? Most of the time you can recognize a trustable supplier online by at least:
  • Their long existence in the diamond market
  • Their received customer reviews
  • Their GIA diamonds
  • Their written articles in newspapers, magazines or websites
Because on the internet many suppliers offer their service, therefore finding the right supplier can be very hard. But if you find a trustable and honest supplier who can provide diamonds and ring setting it can save you money and time. In addition, you will have a unique engagement ring, since you purchased a loose diamond which will be mounted into a unique ring setting designed by yourself. A good supplier can help you with both and can make your online purchase very smooth and pleasant.

Meet a reliable matchmaker in the diamond industry: Diamond Registry

We are one of the trustable and honest suppliers who can provide you with GIA diamonds. With over 50 years of experience, we have proven to be a reliable, trustworthy and careful supplier. In addition, Diamond Registry allows you as a customer to purchase a GIA diamond for the best wholesale price and help you to create diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings with a highly experienced in-house jeweler. Do you want to get to know us more or are you interested to get connected to one of Diamond Registry’s experts? Ask for a free quote on our website and we will do our best to source the loose diamond inventory.