Marquise cut diamond - Ideal proportions of a high quality marquise diamond

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Marquise cut diamonds also know as Marquise Diamonds are not as popular as the round cut diamond, but will be a very good option if you are looking for a stone that is elongated. This diamond cut is a very good option for rings, especially for people who have long fingers. Marquise cut diamonds are brilliant cut stones that have the shape of an ellipse. The two ends of the stone are sharp and pointed. It is longer and narrower than the round cut and therefore, it will look larger than a round diamond in a face-up position. Finding a high-quality marquise cut diamond with ideal proportions is not easy. Here are a few things that you need to look into while buying marquise cut diamonds.

Marquise Diamond Cut Ring

Because a marquise diamond is, compared to the other fancy cut diamonds, quite an extraordinary cut. It is not squarish or round it is really an elongated diamond cut that has compared to the other diamonds a totally different appearance. You will love the look of the marquise diamonds or you will hate it since it has its own strong appearance, therefore reading on about the proportions and possible ring settings can help you decide if you like a marquise diamond ring!

Even though ideal proportions for marquise cut diamonds are not available as compared to that of round diamonds, we have provided a few guidelines that will help you in the decision making process.

Table – The ideal table length of the stone has to be between 53 and 63 percent. Do not opt for stones that have table length greater than 70 percent or lower than 50 percent. Depth – The ideal depth for a high-quality marquise cut diamond is between 59 and 63 percent. Stones that have a depth greater than 70 percent and less than 50 percent have to be avoided. Crown height – Ideal crown height for the stone is between 12 to 15 percent. Diamonds wi

th crown height less than 8 percent and greater than 20 percent is not a good stone. Girdle – Avoid stones that have extremely thin or extremely thick girdle thickness. You can opt for stones that have a thin to thick girdle thickness range. Length to width ratio – Ideally, the length of a high-quality marquise cut diamond has to be 1.75 to 2.25 of its width. In simple words, the length of the diamond has to be about twice its width.

Popular ring settings that suit Marquise diamonds

Marquise Diamond Cut Sketch

Diamond rings come in all kinds of settings simple, elegant, glamorous, traditional, extravagant or totally different. The diamond ring settings for the marquise diamond do often come with a halo setting. But next to this popular marquise diamond ring setting there are some other settings that are very popular. Read on and perhaps you will be choosing for marquise engagement rings.

The elegant & timeless solitaire setting Marquise diamonds have their own strong appearance; therefore the solitaire ring setting is very popular for the marquise cut diamond. The focus will be on the marquise diamond instead of the ring setting, giving it the attention it deserves.

The halo setting To spice up the appearance of a marquise diamond a halo setting is a popular pick for marquise diamond engagement rings. The halo around the center-stone makes the appearance of the marquise diamond even larger and gives it a softer yet more glamorous appearance. Some even choose to add pave diamonds in the marquise cut diamond ring band resulting in a ring that truly sparkles away while being less usual as a round cut diamond due to the center diamond -marquise diamond.

The totally different setting This is obviously not the name of the setting but it explains what the appearance of this marquise diamond ring is: totally different. Because in this setting the marquise diamond is not mounted in the ring setting vertical, with the points up and down but horizontal. While it is just a slight change in the way it gets mounted in the ring it has a big impact visually.

Which of these three marquise diamond ring settings do you prefer most?

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