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Diamond price chart for loose diamonds

Diamond price chart for 3 caratThe prices for loose diamonds are available to you in the diamond price chart, a diamond price list that is used in the wholesale diamond industry worldwide. Buying loose diamonds is different than shopping for diamond jewelry in retail stores as the diamonds you source have not been mounted onto jewelry yet. Sourcing loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market means that you essentially buy diamonds before they end up in retail – you’re buying diamonds closer to the source. This gives you two major advantages: you can create your own personalized diamond jewelry with the loose diamond you select, plus it saves you 50-70% off retail prices. That’s why you should know how to use the diamond price chart, and source diamonds like a professional.

What is the diamond price chart?

What we refer to as the diamond price chart, is the price list for loose wholesale diamonds used by the industry. The prices are arranged by carat weight, which means that every carat weight as a category has a different diamond price chart. There is a price list for 3 carat diamonds, 4 carat diamonds, 5 carat diamonds and so on. Each price list has two varying factors: diamond color and clarity. The different combinations of diamond clarity and color will provide different diamond prices. Carat weight, color, and clarity are part of what is known as the 4Cs, the four main quality features of a diamond as developed by the GIA – with the diamond cut as the remaining quality feature. There is a different diamond price chart for round diamonds and fancy shaped diamonds.

How to calculate total diamond prices

In the industry, diamond prices are express on a Price Per Carat value. This means that the prices you see in the diamond price chart are not the total prices yet. To calculate the total estimated wholesale price, you need to multiply the Price Per Carat value by the total carat weight of the diamond you intend to buy. So if you are looking at the diamond prices for a 4-carat diamond G VS1, the Price Per Carat today might be $42,790, which would set the total price at 4 x$42,790 = $171,160. To get the diamond prices based on today’s wholesale diamond market, ask for a free quote to our experts can source the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds and find the perfect one for you. Our experts can also help if you need more advice on which diamond to buy or how to buy a diamond as an investment.