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Princess Cut has both style and brilliance

The Princess Cut is the most popular shape of all the different Fancy Shape diamonds. It is especially beautiful as a center stone in engagement rings because it has both the style and brilliance of a Round Brilliant Cut, at a more affordable price. It is sometimes referred to as a Square Modified Brilliant because the faceting style is based on the Round Brilliant Cut with triangular and kite-shaped facets radiating from the center. Fancy Shape diamonds offer an attractive alternative to Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, each with their own charisma and beauty.

Same sparkle as a Round Cut – Better Price

Princess Cut Diamond Sketch The Princess Cut engagement ring has become increasingly popular during the recent years, challenging the more conventional Round Cut engagement ring. The biggest advantage of a Princess Cut engagement ring as opposed to a Round Cut is the price. Princess Cut diamonds yield about 80% of the original rough diamond, whereas the Round Cut utilizes approximately 50%. This makes the Princess Cut more affordable to produce. However, this does not take away from its beauty. Just as the Round Brilliant Cut, it has 58 facets which make the light that comes in perform in the most beautiful way. More individual facets on the pavilion side can give a Princess Cut diamond a crushed ice look.

Princess Cut may appear to look larger

The crown surface area of a Princess Cut is roughly 10% smaller than a Round Brilliant Cut of the same Carat weight. However, the Princess Cut will appear to look larger because the corner to corner measure is usually 15% greater than the diameter of a Round Cut diamond. Princess Cut diamonds vary in how square or rectangular they are. Square cuts have a length-to-width ratio between 1 and 1.05. Princess Cuts with a length-to-width ratio greater than 1.10 are rectangular and are therefore slightly lower priced that square cuts. Another point to consider is that a lower color grade will be more visible in the corners because of the thin girdle.

What are the prices for a Princess Cut?

The Diamond Registry provides you with an overview of the current wholesale prices for GIA certified Princess Cut diamonds. Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will get you the exact stone you want at a much better price than retail prices. Below you will find the wholesale price list for Fancy Shape diamonds per carat, arranged by clarity grade and carat weight. To get the average wholesale price for the exact diamond you want, multiply the per carat value by the number of carats you want.

What to do next

To receive a free quote for the exact price of your Princess Cut, please fill in the quote form and our diamond expert will contact you personally to give you all the information you need. Sourcing our global network of diamond cutters and suppliers, we can find GIA certified diamonds at the best available wholesale prices. Your diamond expert will answer any further questions you might still have. He is your dedicated contact from beginning to end.