Diamond sizes

Diamond sizes: carat weight and diamond shape

Depending on the carat weight and the diamond shape, there is an infinite variety of diamond sizes. Diamond carat weight is used to for three different purposes: the actual weight of the diamond, as an indication of diamond sizes and to calculate the wholesale diamond prices using the price per carat value. Note that carat weight and diamond sizes do not increase proportionally. A 6-carat diamond is not three times larger than a 2 carat diamond. Measuring the table of the diamond, the diamond sizes for a 6-carat diamond and a 2-carat diamonds are 11.7mm and 8.2mm respectively. However, a 6.3-carat diamond and a 6.5 carat diamond will also differ in diamond sizes, albeit it only in the first decimal place. And this standardization of diamond sizes only applies to round diamonds. When you change the diamond shapes it becomes slightly more complicated.

Diamond sizes for fancy shape diamonds

Diamond size chart carat weight There are many different diamond shapes in the world of fancy shape diamonds. Each diamond cut has its own beauty and appeal. Some diamond cuts even create the optical illusion of being slightly larger than they are such as oval shape diamonds, princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds. However, it really depends on the way the loose diamonds have been cut. The perceived diamond sizes for an elongated cushion cut diamond compared to a more roundish cushion cut will be vastly different. The same goes for a more squarish or rectangular princess cut diamond. The perceived shape of particular diamond shapes is indicated by the length to width ratio, where 1:1 is a perfectly square princess cut diamond.

Use carat weight to determine budget, not diamond sizes

When you are looking to buy diamonds online, the best way to do it is to source loose diamonds at wholesale prices. This effectively cuts out the middlemen, which means you get to save big on retail margins. Buying loose wholesale diamonds allows you to save up to 70% off retail prices. Diamond sizes will not help you to determine which loose diamonds fall into your budget. Instead, use the 4Cs which consists of a carat, cut, color and diamond clarity. Specifically, diamond carat weight is used to calculate wholesale diamond prices. Check out the diamond prices overview to see the wholesale diamond prices, where the value is expressed on a price per carat basis. Ask for a free quote from our wholesale diamond experts to see what the exact diamond prices based on today’s wholesale diamond market.