Why Is Blue Diamond Expensive?

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In a recent report of the FCRF (Fancy Color Research Foundation) it turned out that blue diamonds are reaching the peak in diamond prices, which is quite high - but why are blue diamonds expensive? Well, these diamonds are very rare to be found in nature, especially the ones very intense in color. We have always thought of diamonds to be white and sparking. However, the fact is that diamonds are available in colors such as black, pink, red, yellow and blue. As a rule, it is said that pink diamonds are the most expensive as they are extremely rare but what about Blue Diamond Price?

Well, Blue diamonds are also said to be rare and therefore are quite expensive – though not as much as the pink diamond. Blue diamonds are so rare that only a few jewelers would have had the opportunity to see one. There have been new methods used wherein intensely colored diamonds such as fancy blue have been created. However, the percentage of the successful creation of blue diamond is very less and therefore the price of a blue diamond is still high.

Find out the average blue diamond prices at the end of this article or drop an inquiry to receive today’s blue diamond prices. The blue color present in a blue diamond is due to the trace element, boron. Hydrogen is also known to cause grayish blue color in diamonds while nitrogen causes yellow color in diamonds. Greenish blue diamonds have been found to contain nitrogen impurities and therefore are said to be responsible for the color of the diamond. Naturally occurring blue diamond is expensive and very rare.

Grading Of Blue Diamond

    Blue diamond is graded as follows:
  • Faint Blue
  • Very Light Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Fancy Light Blue
  • Fancy Blue
  • Fancy Dark Blue
  • Fancy Intense Blue
  • Fancy Deep Blue
  • Fancy Vivid Blue

Blue Diamond Price

Blue diamonds are very rare, we can’t say it enough, and therefore giving a fixed diamond price for it is hard. However, we made a table to give you an indication of what it could cost. To know today’s price it is recommended to reach out to an expert as the price depends on diamond size, color, clarity and how the diamond is cut.
Carat Weight Blue Diamond Price per Carat
0.25 ct From $1,700 to $2,500
0.33 ct From $1,950 to $3,150
0.50 ct From $3,700 to $6,050
0.75 ct From $5,050 to $8,300
1.000 ct From $6,800 to $11,200
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Using Blue Diamond In Jewelry

As blue diamond is rare and expensive, jewelry made using blue diamond are considered precious. Blue emerald cut engagement rings or rings made of blue round diamond will be very expensive and rare to find. Blue diamond is so expensive that one will have to shell out 5 digit prices for a blue diamond that weighs .25 carats. Therefore blue diamond is not used in ordinary jewelry and is a much-preferred option in antique jewelry such as antique engagement rings. Blue diamonds are not only used in rings, earrings or necklaces with blue diamonds are also very popular. Only to find two similar sized blue diamonds for the earrings is very difficult. Unless you have an expert source who can search in the international diamond inventory and has the right connections. Because walking passed each jewelry store to find the right sized and intensity blue diamond for your blue diamond earrings is almost impossible. Imagine finding the right one is that also the best blue diamonds price on the market?

Blue Diamond Items that value rocked at the auctions

As diamonds with the color blue are extremely rare to be found, the auction houses from time to time present these rare items. Weeks before they get auctioned off those blue colored diamonds dominate the news, for example, the Oppenheimer Blue, Blue moon of Josephine or Cullinan Dream. These blue diamonds got sold for a very high blue diamond price as they are high carat and intense from color, two characteristics that push up the value of a colored diamond. The Cullinan dream is, for example, 24.18-carat and graded fancy intense color, which resulted in a buyer buying it for $25.3 million USD. The Oppenheimer Blue is the most expensive jewel ever auctioned, plus the 14.62-carat fancy intense colored blue diamond set a world auction record by fetching the historic high blue diamond price of $57.5 million USD. This blue diamond price includes the commission and auction fees. The rectangular shaped blue diamond came in a ring that was flanked with trapeze colorless diamonds on both sides. Creating an even bluer color for the center stone. This diamond ring style was not always how the Oppenheimer Blue looked. The original design was a verdure eight blades mounting that late Sir Philip Oppenheimer (the reason why its called Oppenheimer Blue) designed for his wife. Yet, this design was a more antique/vintage style so it got a redesign to make it more suitable for this century. Another blue diamond that fetched millions was a 10.10-carat fancy intense blue diamond called de Beers Millennium that got sold for $32 million. In the top 10 auction winners, quite some blue diamonds and pink diamonds got on the list. See for yourself here.

How Diamond Cut can influence the blue diamond color

Not only the size can influence the color appearance of a diamond, shape does too. A larger diamond or deeper pavilion can make the color more intense because the light can travel further. In addition, fancy cut diamonds can help the color intensity. Blue diamonds are therefore often cut in fancy shapes such as pear, trillion, heart or oval. The evenly distributed the blue hue the higher the blue diamond price per carat. That is why when a blue diamond is found, a lot of thought goes into what shape is best while keeping in mind that the larger the size is the better.

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