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Create your own personal antique engagement rings

halo cut diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement rings are without a doubt the most special diamond rings you will ever purchase. No other type of diamond jewelry even comes close the deep feelings of romance and affection that diamond engagement rings evoke. When you are looking for antique engagement rings, there are countless ring design options to make the diamond ring a perfect fit. Our personal jewelry service allows you to take on the role of the jeweler as you will be the one that chooses the loose diamond – think of carat weight, diamond shape, clarity grade – and the ring design features such as specific precious metals, ring settings and decorations that give it the look and feel of antique engagement rings. Antique engagement rings have a unique and timeless look and feel that symbolizes eternal love.

Antique engagement rings design tips

There are a number of design features to consider when creating antique engagement rings. Remember that these are simply guidelines: there are no rules to designing your own antique engagement rings. However, most antique engagement rings will probably have a round diamond, Asscher cut diamond or emerald cut diamonds set as the center stone. The look and feel of these loose diamond shapes complement the timeless antique ring design. Ring settings are usually the 4 prong setting or bezel setting. What really makes a diamond ring feel like an antique engagement ring is an intricate and highly detailed design. The center diamond is often decorated with shoulder diamonds – often round diamonds or emerald cut diamonds – and the ring band itself is rich in decoration with small diamonds as well.

The first step to personalized antique cut engagement rings

To create your own antique engagement rings, all you need to do is choose the loose diamond that is ideal for your needs from our extensive inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices and share your design ideas with our in-house diamond jewelers. Upon receiving your request for a Free Quote, your personal wholesale diamond expert will provide the wholesale price for the diamond you are looking for based on the current wholesale diamond market. After making a decision on the loose diamond, your personal diamond jeweler will create your very own personalized antique engagement ring. Through decades of expertise, the jewelers of Diamond Registry have crafted the most sophisticated and elegant antique diamond rings for a wide variety of clients worldwide. Ask for a free quote to take the first step towards making antique engagement rings that are yours and yours alone.