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A perfected sparkle

The modern Asscher cut is similar to the Emerald Cut, with increased brilliance. It features a small table, high crown, deep pavilion and cut corners, meant to draw the eye to the center of the diamond. These characteristics put its sparkle on par with the Round Brilliant Cut diamond. A well-cut Asscher with properly positioned pavilion facets has concentric squares as you look down through the table. The modern 74 facet Asscher Cut is most commonly sold today and the original 58 facet Asscher Cut diamond may still be found in antique jewelry stores and auctions, but they are rare.

Elegance of an earlier age

Asscher Cut Diamond Sketch The Asscher Cut was developed by Joseph Asscher in 1902 and was the first signature cut to be patented. In 1908 his company was commissioned by the Royal Family to cut the world’s largest diamond in history, the 3,106 carat Cullinan diamond. In 2001 the cut was modified with new specifications and additional facets for a more brilliant shine. These diamonds are cut to a 74 facet, step-cut octagon and have a majesty and sophistication all of their own, embodying the elegance of an earlier age. In 1980 Her Majesty Queen Juliana of Holland granted the Asscher company a Royal prefix for playing such a significant role in the diamond industry.

Authentic Asscher Cut diamonds

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is the only diamond cutter that holds the rights to produce this diamond cut. Every Asscher Cut diamond is laser inscribed with the Royal Asscher logo and identification number belonging to that specific diamond. The Asscher Cut also comes with independent GIA or AGS certification, on which the diamond is referred to as a modified square Emerald Cut. The Asscher has clipped corners like an Emerald, however, because the diamond is square this gives the Asscher a somewhat octagonal shape.

What are the prices for an Asscher Cut?

The Diamond Registry gives the public access to the current wholesale prices for GIA certified Asscher Cut diamonds. Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will get you the exact same stone you want at a much better price than retail prices. Below you will find the wholesale price list for Fancy Shape diamonds per carat, arranged by clarity grade and carat weight. To get the average wholesale price for the exact diamond you want, multiply the per carat value by the number of carats you want.

What to do next

Fill in the quote form to receive the current wholesale price for the Asscher Cut diamond you are looking for. Sourcing our global network of diamond cutters and suppliers, we find GIA certified diamonds at the best available wholesale prices. Your diamond expert will answer any further questions you might still have about the process, certification or how to choose a diamond. He is your dedicated contact from beginning to end.