Pear Shaped Diamond

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Glittering diamond teardrop

The Pear Shape diamond is a fancy cut that is a variation of the traditional Round Brilliant Cut. In a sense it is a combination of the Oval and Marquise Cut because it has one rounded end and a tapering point on the other end, resembling a glittering teardrop. Pear Shape diamonds have good proportions that refract light well because the faceting releases the natural brilliance of the gemstones. This cut allows a range of cutting styles so that the teardrop shape can be wider, slimmer or cut to perfect proportions based on personal choice and preferences making them ideal for any type of jewelry.

Ideal for all jewelry types

Pear Shaped Diamond Sketch The diamond is always worn with the narrow tip pointing towards the person that wears it. The unique shape of the Pear Shape makes it suitable for a variety of jewelry. However, most people prefer Pear Shape diamonds to be set in a ring or in a pair of diamond earrings. These diamonds have different proportions depending on how they are cut, and a slightly elongated Pear Shape creates a subtle slimming effect on the fingers. Pear Shapes also make for great shoulder stones that complement the shape of the center stone. Alternatively, they can also be set in a cluster around a larger diamond.

Picking the perfect cut

A very important aspect of a good Pear Shape diamond is the symmetry. The tapered point should line up exactly with the apex of the rounded end. The upper and lower curves of both the left and right side should be perfectly symmetrical with no straight edges. The length-to-width ratio of a classic Pear Shape diamond is between 1.40-1.70. The preferred shape of the diamond will depend on personal choice and the type of jewelry it will be set in. A narrow Pear Shape is more beautiful for dangle earrings and a wider diamond may be preferred as a solitaire in a diamond ring. Large pear shape diamond loose

What are the prices for a Pear Shaped Diamond?

Since 1961, the Diamond Registry has published an overview of up-to-date wholesale prices for GIA certified diamonds, both round and fancy family. Buying diamonds at wholesale prices will get you the exact stone you want at a much better price than retail prices. Below you will find the wholesale price list for Fancy Shape diamonds per carat, arranged by clarity grade and carat weight. To get the average wholesale price for the exact diamond you want, multiply the per carat value by the number of carats you want.

What to do next

To get the current wholesale price for your exact Pear Shape diamond, fill in the quote form and you will receive a free quote. Our diamond expert will personally contact you to give all the information you need. Sourcing our global network of diamond cutters and suppliers, we can find GIA certified diamonds at the best available wholesale prices. Your diamond expert will answer any further questions you might still have. He is your dedicated contact from beginning to end.