Salt and pepper diamonds: The new trend for 2020

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In recent years, the steady shortage of diamonds has inevitably affected the jewelry market. It's harder and harder to source a diamond of your dreams. Thus, the trendsetters are searching for solutions to cope with such growing demand but the limited supply of diamonds.

For 2020, they've established the trend of "salt and pepper diamonds."

In terms of their internal composition, "salt and pepper diamonds" are the precious stones with low clarity grade. They include visible white (for "salt") and black (for "pepper") flaws. The more inclusions they have, the more intense the "salt and pepper" effect they have.

Since these diamonds don't possess exceptional quality for 4Cs, they are cheaper than classic diamonds for engagement rings - and so, more affordable for a broad public. In a proper setting, they can look pretty and highly attractive.

Are you interested in "salt and pepper diamonds?" Contact our experts, and we will source any diamond you wish at wholesale price. Also, we will include it in custom-made of your choice. Just submit us a quote in the form below!