Drake buys himself a 22-carat heart-shaped diamond ring

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For his 33rd birthday, Drake has gifted himself a luxurious 22-carat heart-shaped diamond ring. Generally, rappers are known for their love for expensive jewelry, and diamonds are the bling they desire most. Drake, or Hotline Bling, is no exception. Over the last years, he has bought for himself many diamonds that already worth a fortune. But this time, his purchase is exceptional: a diamond ring featuring a gemstone valued between $600,000 and $800,000.

This center diamond has 22 carats, is shaped like a heart and plated in platinum bezel setting.

Heart-shaped diamonds of this size are very rare

This ring is a very rare find, being extremely difficult to manufacture. For this one of the most difficult cuts, Drake required a talented diamond cutter. Both round ends of the heart need to match perfectly, and the cleft should be sharp.

Drake is known for having an ever-growing collection of heart-shaped jewelry  and this heart cut diamond ring is a worthy addition. It was reported that Drake was very much involved in designing his heart-shaped ring, working closely together with the producer.

Drake is not the only rapper with love for diamonds

On his star-studded birthday party in Hollywood, Drake was not the only celebrity with shiny diamonds. Adele, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner, and French Montana also showed some exceptional diamond accessories. Also, Drake is not the only rapper that is known for his bling. Recently, Nicki Minaj showed off her 17-carat VVS2-clarity diamond wedding ring worth $1,1M. While some rappers are more into rings – like Drake and Nicki Minaj – others think bigger with some of the largest diamond chains on the market.

T-Pain showed a $400,000 chain with 200 carats of diamonds, weighing over 10 lbs. But he was not the man who overdid everyone with a big shiny chain. That was Rick Ross. He gifted himself a $1,5M diamond and gold replica of his own face. He even went one step further, with another diamond chain bust of himself wearing the piece. Classic chainception, nice work Ross!

All in all, Drake is not the only diamond-loving rapper out there. However, this heart-cut diamond ring is a very special piece. If you want to treat yourself with a magical diamond ring just like Drake, reach out to our diamond experts at Diamond Registry!