Around 100 carats of diamonds found in Arkansas in 2019

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Many adventurers know that you can always head to Arkansas and tempt fortune in finding a diamond. In 2019, there were many lucky souls.

Specifically, the visitors came across white (336 stones), yellow (82 stones), and brown (73 stones) color. The total weight of all these diamonds is 99.14 carats! The exact place where all the discoveries happened is a park in Murfreesboro. Thanks to its reputation, it gained the title Crater of Diamonds State Park.

In January and February, people found a diamond almost every day, and this number even grew in spring and early summer. By the middle of the year, visitors already collected 297 diamonds. Because of a busy schedule in March and heavy summer rains in June, it was possible to find 10 stones over 1-carat weight.

Here are the top 3 diamonds found in Arkansas in 2019:

1. The “Janik Family Diamond,” weighting 2.12 carat and having a brandy color,

2. The “Caro Avenger” diamond, weighting 3.72 carat and of a yellow color

3. The “Illusive Dream” diamond, weighting 3.29 carat and having a brown color.

Maybe, the next diamond is yours? Come to Crater of Diamonds and try your luck in 2020!