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Heart Shaped Diamond SketchThere is no denying the fact that heart shaped diamonds are unique and a powerful symbol of love. These diamonds are commonly used in promise rings and in solitaire pendants. The shape of a heart is difficult to perceive in smaller diamonds. Therefore, if you are interested in buying heart-shaped diamonds it is advised that you buy at least a 2 carat diamond. If you are using small heart-shaped diamonds, it has to be set in a three-prong setting or a bezel setting, to preserve the diamond shape outline better. When planning to buy heart shaped diamonds, here are a few things that you need to consider:

  • The most important characteristic of a heart-shaped diamond is that both halves of the stone are identical. The cleft of the diamond has to be sharp and distinct. The wings of the stone should have a very slight round shape
  • Heart shaped diamonds are available in a variety of silhouettes. You can find wide to narrow silhouettes and the choice of the silhouette has to be according to personal preference
  • The ideal length to width ratio of heart-shaped diamonds is about 1.00. If you are looking for diamonds to be set in pendants, you can opt for a stone with a slightly narrow cut (1.05 to 1.15). For a solitaire ring, a slightly wider cut measuring between 0.85 and 1.00 can be used
  • Opt for heart-shaped diamonds that have a minimum 'good' cut. Opting for anything lower is not recommended
  • The color of the heart-shaped diamond has to be a minimum of 'G' color grade and the clarity has to be a minimum of SI2
  • The table of the diamond has to be between 51 and 63 percent
  • The depth of the diamond has to be between 53 and 62 percent
  • The girdle has to be between Very thin to slightly thick. Some diamonds with a thick girdle can also look good.
  • Always buy loose diamonds, sourcing the diamond wholesale market to buy diamonds at wholesale diamond prices.
  • Insist on buying Heart Shaped Diamonds that are accommodated with GIA certification. The GIA upholds the highest quality standards in the diamond industry.
  • Ask for a Free Quote to get in contact with your diamond expert: your dedicated contact that will source your heart shape diamond from suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world – always with GIA certification, always at wholesale diamond prices.

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