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Published on April 15, 2024
Updated on May 5, 2024

Buying diamond jewellery is not an easy task, especially when you are in Hong Kong. So many places to shop, so many ring options to consider! Indeed, entering Hong Kong is highly attractive for many big jewelry brands from Europe and the USA. This market is convenient for opening bank accounts and trading. Many tourists visit Hong Kong daily, coming for shopping for diamonds intentionally. All these factors resulted in such jewelry stores galore in the city.

However, the wide range of stores is not the only challenge you’ll encounter while shopping for diamonds in Hong Kong. Knowing how to make the right choice is much harder in the given circumstances.

And here we are to help you learn how to shop for diamonds in Hong Kong and make an informed decision about your engagement ring purchase.

What are the common problems with buying diamond jewellery in Hong Kong?

One of the greatest problems people meet while visiting Hong Kong diamond shops of big retailers is the strangle of aggressive selling tactics. Many consultants in this city shock the buyers by their unprofessionalism and willingness to sell you a diamond no matter what. Don’t take our words for granted – you can find numerous complaints about retailers from people buying diamonds by yourself. In particular, the observers faced dirty marketing of mainly low-quality diamond rings in Hong Kong retailer shops.

So, whichever salesperson you meet in Hong Kong, always test this person by asking about 4Cs and the principles of diamond certification (by the way, you can find all the relevant information on our website!). It’s crucial to check the knowledge of your retailer while shopping. Your consultant should be really competent in determining the quality of your diamond.

As an alternative option to manage the problems while buying diamonds in Hong Kong, try buying fine jewellery online. Comparing to the experience in physical Hong Kong shops, online retailers offer the same quality of service and an even wider variety of diamond rings. And all this comes for a much lower price!

The new problem arises, though – your chances of finding a really good and trustworthy online diamond shop in Hong Kong are generally low. Unless you’ve already learned something from your mistakes, everything you can rely on is online reviews from strangers. Also, you can’t see the faces of people selling you a diamond – and this deepens the lack of trust problem.

We offer a better strategy for buying diamonds in Hong Kong. Visit top diamond retailer shops to get inspired by their design ideas, and then come to Diamond Registry! In our Hong Kong office, we will create a custom-made ring with your perfect design in mind. For decades, we’ve been consulting people buying diamonds and helping get them at a relevant price without brand markups.

Follow our guide on the top places for buying diamonds in Hong Kong and learn how to get the best value for your money!


Address in Hong Kong: Shop G06, G/F., Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

Bulgari is a well-known Italian brand that started its path in 1884. In its arsenal, you can spot many luxurious things – hotels, perfume, watches, leather products, and, of course, high-class jewelry. As one of the greatest jewellery companies in the world, Bulgari has created several trademark models: an oval form with cabochons, surrounded by gold and diamonds, and thick Tubogas chains. When it comes to buying diamonds, Bulgari is famous for combining them with other precious stones: emeralds, aquamarines, turquoises, citrines, etc. Finally, the brand is inspired by Greco-Roman patterns to create timeless masterpieces.

Bulgari has created truly magnificent designs, like Trombino rings and Serpenti watches, that rock not only Hong Kong shops but also top auctions of the world. Even the simpler engagement rings after a touch of Bulgari jewelers become truly magnificent.

However, while shopping for Bulgari diamonds in Hong Kong, you can spot a large brand markup (sometimes reaching 1000’s of %). So, if you are shopping for a diamond ring to get the best price/performance ratio, source diamonds at wholesale prices to avoid those expensive markups. 

Tiffany & Co.

Address in Hong Kong: 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Inspired by the perfection of the natural world, Tiffany & Co. creates timeless jewellery that people like for decades. The journey of the brand started in 1837 when it established the store specialized in small fancy goods. There is even a legend that Tiffany & Co. sold products for even less than 5 dollars on its first day! Nevertheless, the firm managed to succeed with years. Nowadays, it’s known for a Tiffany engagement ring that became a classic design for an engagement ring as we know it. Also, it’s famous for a remarkable brand color from The Blue Book, its product catalog.

Tiffany & Co. in Hong Kong is a huge fan of sustainability. The popularity of its solitaire ring design enabled so many copies to appear that it’s hard to trace the originality of Tiffany diamond rings themselves. Because of this, the proper attention to tracking works for the company perfectly.

Of course, the title of one of the most recognizable brands in the world has its cost. All the pieces presented in the Hong Kong store are extremely expensive. So, it’s up to you to choose whether you aim at buying a good diamond or paying a hefty sum for a nice-looking Tiffany color of the diamond box. Contact us, and Diamond Registry experts will provide you a free recommendation and diamond evaluation. Also, we can source for you a stone of much better carat weight, color, clarity, and cut proportion for the same price in Hong Kong.


Address in Hong Kong: G/F and 1/F, Lee Garden Five, 18 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

Cartier brand is known for its legendary watches, highly decorated by precious stones. The company was established in 1847 and made its name on selling luxurious rings. Also, Cartier is famous as a jeweler that deals with really big diamonds masterfully. That’s the case of Star of South Africa, Cartier-Burton-Taylor, and The Jubilee. Another remarkable invention of Cartier is to combine diamonds with platinum for a totally swanky and stunning look.

Also, many clients like shopping in Cartier boutiques for their excellent service. Once you enter the store and declare your intention to buy a diamond engagement ring, you immediately receive access to the private room where you can comfortably choose among various ring options. However, the number of diamonds available for the fair price is really small in all the Cartier shops.

So, if you want to get an extremely big diamond that has great value, it’s better not to buy it from Hong Kong retailers. Diamond Registry is specialized in selling big diamonds – our experts can assist in buying diamonds directly from wholesalers! The best part about our service is that you will not be able to see the difference – except the number on the price tag, of course.

Harry Winston

Address in Hong Kong: Shop G1-3, G/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central

Harry Winston is a prominent figure in the jewelry world. Having the “Diamond King” title, he became one of the most skilled cutters in the world. His brand achieved popularity thanks to the outstanding skill of Harry Winston to remake old-fashioned big diamonds into magnificent trendy rings. Among the most famous purchases made by him, the founder bought the Lesotho diamond. From 601 carats of this stone, the magnificent 40.42 Lesotho Three appeared and decorated the engagement ring of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Generally, people choose shopping for diamonds in Harry Winston retailer stores to get expensive jewelry. In the designs, the brand uses really big stones and uniquely cuts them. Among the most interesting patterns offered, the shops feature multilevel and eidetic jewelry. No doubt, this magnificence can serve as a great source of inspiration for those who love shopping for unusual designs featuring heavy diamonds.

If you want a special piece of jewellery that will combine big diamonds and outstanding design, there’s no need to buy from retailers. Come visit Diamond Registry in Hong Kong! We’re eager to create for people buying diamond rings a custom-made design of any complexity.

How to buy diamonds in Hong Kong wisely?

Notwithstanding the price tags, the actual diamond knowledge demonstrated by the retailer shop representative is always essential. And now, after you’ve learned how much brands usually overcharge, it’s time to raise the question of diamond quality for those who plan on buying diamonds in Hong Kong once again.

Unfortunately, a brand name doesn’t guarantee a better quality for a diamond. Likewise, a diamond’s value is not determined by the exact place in Hong Kong where you decide to shop it. That’s why we always ask people interested in buying diamonds to aim at quality, not a brand. Buyers tend to pay multiple times more for the piece in which nobody can recognize the brand. Save yourself from making this mistake.

In the end, a really good diamond appears on the intersection of excellence in 4 main dimensions: carat size, clarity, color, and cut excellence. So, wise shopping for diamonds is impossible without asking for a GIA certificate that indicates all these parameters. As another important factor, comparing prices for diamonds in various places is also a must. That’s why we recommend combining the best from shopping in physical stores (meaning the ability to see and try different designs) and online (meaning the greater availability of diamonds and prices).

Where to buy an engagement ring in Hong Kong?

Unfortunately, large markups and unaffordability of complex designs make it irrational to consider retailer shops in Hong Kong as good places for buying diamond jewellery. Big brands are great for window-shopping only. But when you proceed to purchase, unreasonable prices on simple engagement rings can destroy your willingness to marry to the core.

So, the best choice is to visit Diamond Registry in Hong Kong! In our office, you can receive expert assistance from diamond specialists. Since 1961, we have established a reputation as a matchmaker in the industry between diamond buyers and wholesale sellers all over the world.

Just send us a request – and meet your perfect engagement ring in our Hong Kong office!


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