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Published on March 8, 2024
Updated on May 27, 2024

The world of diamonds is known for its brilliance, rarity, and timeless allure. De Beers, a name synonymous with diamonds, has been a trailblazer in the industry for over a century. In recent times, the company has made significant strides by advancing a strategic diamond deal with Botswana, a move that holds immense implications for the global diamond market. This comprehensive guide explores the significance of this deal, its impact on the diamond industry, the history of De Beers in Botswana, and the promising future it envisions.

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De Beers: Shaping the Diamond Industry

De Beers, founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes, has a storied history of shaping the diamond industry. It has played a pivotal role in diamond mining, distribution, and marketing.

A Commitment to Quality

The De Beers brand is synonymous with quality and authenticity. Its diamonds are known for their exceptional cut, color, and clarity.

Diamonds and Botswana

Botswana, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, is renowned for its diamond-rich mines, including the famous Orapa and Jwaneng mines.

A Historic Partnership

De Beers has a longstanding relationship with Botswana, dating back to the discovery of diamonds in the country. The two entities have collaborated for decades, fostering economic growth and development in Botswana.

Economic Empowerment

The Botswana government, recognizing the potential of its diamond industry, sought to maximize the benefits derived from its natural resources. The diamond deal with De Beers aligns with its goals of economic diversification and empowerment.

Diamond Beneficiation

The deal emphasizes diamond beneficiation, a process that involves adding value to raw diamonds through cutting, polishing, and jewelry manufacturing. This approach aims to create jobs and increase revenue within Botswana.

A Win-Win Partnership

The deal not only benefits Botswana but also supports De Beers in maintaining its position as a leader in the global diamond market. The mutually beneficial partnership seeks to leverage each party’s strengths.

Ethical and Responsible Practices

Botswana’s stringent regulatory framework aligns with De Beers’ commitment to ethical and responsible diamond sourcing and production.

Economic Diversification

Botswana’s diamond deal with De Beers supports its broader strategy of diversifying its economy beyond diamonds, ensuring long-term prosperity.

Skills Development

The partnership promotes skills development within Botswana’s diamond industry, empowering local talent and fostering expertise in diamond cutting and polishing.

Sustainable Growth

By aligning with the principles of sustainability and responsible sourcing, the deal contributes to the sustainable growth of Botswana’s diamond sector.


De Beers’ advancement of the Botswana Diamond Deal represents more than a business transaction; it is a testament to the enduring partnership between a global diamond industry leader and a diamond-rich nation. This strategic move promises economic empowerment, job creation, and sustainable growth for Botswana while reinforcing De Beers’ commitment to responsible and ethical diamond practices. As Botswana continues to shine as a global player in the diamond industry, the future is indeed bright, with the brilliance of diamonds illuminating the path towards shared prosperity and excellence.

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Nissan Perla has over 40 years in the diamond industry and is the CEO and Owner of Diamond Registry since 1979. Nissan is recognized as one of the talented experts in the diamond world and has been mentioned in publications such as The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Time Out, Sassy HK, and more.

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