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Princess Rajwa’s Enchanting Engagement Ring: A Fairytale Symbol Of Love And Royalty

In a story that seems straight out of a fairytale, Princess Rajwa recently revealed her exquisite engagement ring, captivating the world with its beauty and grandeur. As a member of a prominent royal family, Princess Rajwa’s engagement ring holds immense significance, not only as a symbol of love and commitment but also as a reflection […]

Brittany Mahomes’ Engagement Ring: A Sparkling Symbol Of Love

Brittany Mahomes, known for her high-profile relationship with NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, recently got engaged, and her engagement ring has become a topic of fascination. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the details of Brittany Mahomes’ stunning engagement ring, the romantic proposal by Patrick, the jeweler behind this magnificent piece of jewelry, and the broader […]

IDEX: Round Prices Down, Fancies Up In June 2023

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

The price of round diamonds continued to decline in June 2023, according to the IDEX Polished Price Index (PPI). The PPI is a monthly index that tracks the average price of polished diamonds in four different color and clarity grades. In June, the PPI for round diamonds fell by 0.5% compared to May. This is […]

Illuminating Excellence: GIA’s ‘Hanadama’ Quality Range Comment In Pearl Reports

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

The world of pearls has always been synonymous with timeless elegance and natural beauty. Within this enchanting realm, ‘Hanadama’ pearls hold a place of exceptional prestige and distinction. In a significant move, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has added a ‘Hanadama’ quality range comment to its pearl reports, further elevating the standards and transparency […]

IGI’s Discovery Of The Largest And Multicolored Lab-Grown Diamonds

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

The Evolution of Lab-Grown Diamonds: IGI at the Forefront of Innovation In a remarkable breakthrough, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) has made a groundbreaking discovery in the realm of lab-grown diamonds. With advancements in technology and scientific expertise, IGI has uncovered the largest and most vibrant multicolored lab-grown diamonds to date. This blog post delves […]

IGI Assesses Bicolor Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Breakthrough In Gemstone Innovation

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

The world of gemstones continues to evolve with advancements in technology and innovation. One such breakthrough is the creation of bicolor lab-grown diamonds, which have captured the attention of both industry experts and jewelry enthusiasts. In this article, we explore the exciting development of bicolor lab-grown diamonds and delve into the grading process conducted by […]

Infinite Blue: A Lucky Number Set To Make Waves In Hong Kong

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

Hong Kong, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Orient,” is a dynamic city known for its vibrant culture, stunning skyline, and thriving financial sector. In this bustling metropolis, where symbolism holds great significance, the concept of “lucky numbers” carries a unique cultural weight. Enter “Infinite Blue,” an ambitious real estate project that’s not […]

Ignite Your Love: The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Fire Opal Engagement Rings

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

In the world of gemstones, fire opals stand out with their vibrant hues and captivating fiery glow. In this extensive news blog, we explore the enchanting world of fire opal engagement rings, uncovering their unique characteristics, symbolism, historical significance, and the growing popularity they hold in the realm of fine jewelry. Join us as we […]

Import Ban Will Resolve Oversupply, Says Kiran: Exploring The Diamond Industry’s Dilemma

wedding ring engagement ring diamond jewelry

The Oversupply Dilemma Provide an overview of the oversupply issue in the diamond industry and its impact on various stakeholders. Kiran Gems as a prominent diamond manufacturer and their perspective on addressing the oversupply challenge. Understanding the Diamond Supply Chain Explain the intricate diamond supply chain, from mining operations to polished diamonds hitting the market. […]

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