Top 3 mistakes destroying your engagement ring

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Your engagement ring is one of the most precious jewelry pieces that you will ever treasure. This jewelry piece is most often filled with diamonds, colored or colorless, which are stated to last forever. But probably when you wear it in the morning, afternoon and night it is possible that you damage it by accident.

Mistake number 1

Mistake destroying your engagement ringThe number one mistake is the lotion we love to use for our hands and body. You will probably be putting the lotion in your hands with the utmost care…but your engagement ring will definitely catch some lotion. In the most pleasant scenario, our lotion is only moisturizing which means that it contains some ingredients like sea butter. This lotion will pile up and dull the sparkle of the diamond in your engagement ring. Luckily, the lotion can be soaked away very easily. In a bad scenario, you’ve used lotion made with exfoliating ingredients such as glycolic or alpha-hydroxy acids. The damage they bring to your engagement ring is not easy to repair since it can wear away the ring metal over time.

Mistake number 2

Engagement ring gym losing diamondThe number two most often occurring mistake is going to the gym with your engagement ring - because you also want to show your sports friends your diamond sparkle. If you only perform cardio your engagement ring will be fine. Except if it is a little loose, then your engagement ring can take a short drive since you will be sweating and your fingers get slippery. But if you are going to hit the weights, beware of banging your ring against the metals. By repeatedly banging you could knock your prong out of place, which means you end up losing your diamond. Plus, don’t wear your engagement ring if you are going for a swim. Your fingers will shrivel due to the cold water which means the ring could easily slide off.

Mistake number 3

Engagement ring cleaningLast but not least in the Top 3 Mistakes that destroys your engagement ring is the scrubbing you do when cleaning. While cleaning, it is most likely you will be holding a rough sponge, pad or chemically cleaners which can destroy your ring metal or even damage the weaker diamond grades stones.


Therefore, take good care of your engagement ring by taking it off when it is necessary and clean your ring at least once a week. In addition, get your ring inspected at least one time a year by showing it to a qualified jeweler to guarantee the setting is in good shape. Because diamonds last forever, but that does require some maintenance and gentle care with a soft brush or soft interdental brush which is smaller and helps to clean under the prong, thus the bottom of the diamond.