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What is the difference between radiant cut and emerald cut diamonds

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Loose diamonds

When you look at the emerald cut diamonds and radiant cut diamonds, they will appear similar. Both cuts are rectangular and have similar profiles, but there are differences in the way they are cut and worn. Let’s have a look at some of the differences between radiant cut and emerald cut diamonds.


Radiant cut diamonds are usually rectangular, but you can find some diamonds that are square. Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular with truncated corners. Both diamond shapes have cut corners and are therefore durable and less prone to chipping. With the emerald cut, the linear facets are parallel to the girdle and belong to the step cut group. The edges of emerald cut diamonds are parallel and therefore it is easier to see through these stones. For that reasons, it is important to purchase emerald cut diamonds with high diamond clarity and color grade. The radiant cut belongs to the mixed cut group and it is a combination of brilliant cut and the step cut. The outline of radiant diamonds is a step cut while the table and pavilion are brilliant cuts.


In emerald cut diamonds, the facets are shaped so that they are parallel to the girdle and each other. Radiant cuts have triangular facets and other non-rectangular facets. These facets are not arranged in a parallel fashion like in emerald cut. The facets of a radiant cut diamond can be compared to a Princess cut diamond, whereas an emerald cut diamond is similar to an Asscher cut diamond.

Sparkle and Brilliance

In radiant cut diamonds, the facets are positioned and shaped, to enhance the brilliance of the stone. Emerald cut diamonds are usually less fiery than radiant cut diamonds, but they also tend to have wider more dramatic flashes of light. Radiant cut diamonds are more brilliant when compared to emerald cut stones, which is why many color diamonds are cut into a radiant cut. Especially radiant cut yellow diamond engagement rings have gained significantly in popularity over the recent years with many Hollywood celebrities showing off their radiant cut yellow diamonds.


As radiant cut diamonds have the better brilliance, the flaws in the stone will not be as easily visible when compared to emerald cut diamonds. Therefore, it is possible to purchase a radiant cut diamond with lower diamond clarity grade, while you will have to opt for a higher clarity grade stone for emerald-cut stones.

Buying loose diamonds – Emerald cut and radiant cut diamond

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