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How Can I Sell My Loose Diamond?

Selling diamonds with The Diamond Registry is as easy as it only can be. All you need is to complete a special form on our "Sell Your Ring" page. First, enter your name, e-mail, and phone. Then, determine the key parameters of your diamond:

  • Setting;
  • Shape;
  • Carat weight;
  • Color;
  • Clarity stage.


If you don't know what is what of these elements of your diamond, that's just fine. For each of these answers, there is the option "I'm not sure" is possible. A bit later, our consultants will help you to clarify these characteristics. Also, there's nothing to be afraid of a shape your diamond has – there are pictures in our form to ease your task. After you fill the form and send it to us, our consultants will reach you shortly.

Just in 2 days, we will complete your online purchase and transfer money to your account in 24 hours. Also, we'll be pleased to set an appointment in our Hong Kong or New York offices and meet you in person.

So, to sell diamonds online with us takes only a few steps:

  • Fill the form;
  • Wait a couple of minutes for us to reach you out;
  • Answer additional questions about your diamond (if needed);
  • Choose if you surely like to sell your diamond online or visit us directly in New York or Hong Kong.
  • Receive your money!


big round diamond ring

Benefits of Selling Loose Diamonds Online

Several pros are encouraging us to sell diamonds online. Nowadays, everything is connected, and the processing speed boosted dramatically. Due to this, you can find a buyer for your diamond rapidly. Instead of going to a pawnshop or a local dealer, you can fill a few lines about your diamond, wait for a response, and receive your money. With help from professionals like us, selling your diamond via the Internet has become safe and fast.

Selling your diamond offline has multiple negative sides. First of all, you need to physically carry your precious stone to a place you have never visited before. This brings you to the moderate risk of being robbed. The next thing is that your silver-tongued pawnshop owner or a local jeweler may be trying to ensure your diamond is worth significantly less than its real price.

But selling online allows you to avoid any face-to-face contact with your seller if you are not comfortable with it. You can also check all prices for diamonds on the Diamond Price List page and don’t waste your money. We value your time, your privacy, and your right to feel good.

Why Sell Your Loose Diamonds?

There are several reasons why people sell diamonds.

  • A decent diamond is a luxurious item that can be exchanged into a considerable sum in the moment of need.
  • A diamond can serve as an unpleasant reminder of an unhealthy relationship with another person.
  • You can always sell your precious stone because you aim for a bigger diamond!


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Which Factors Can Affect Value Of Loose Diamonds?

It will be a benefit if your diamond has a certificate from a gemological laboratory. This is a gem-specified institution that examines, grades, and evaluates every legal diamond before it appears on the global market. The most famous and trusted laboratory in the world is called the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA grading is absolute proof that a diamond was bought legally and has a clear history of ownership. If you have a grading of any other trusted laboratory, this will also work.

Without a proper certificate, it is hard to recognize if the diamond is conflict-free, or is it a stone mined away from territories affected by armed conflicts.

The GIA diamond's grading also includes diamond's 4Cs: the conditions of carat, cut, color, and clarity. The better they are, the higher the price a diamond has. Some of them are more important than others. For instance, a decently cut diamond with an average color will have more value than an averagely cut stone with a transparent color. You can read more about GIA's 4Cs on our 4Cs educational page.

There is also a general diamond condition which affects the price of loose stone. It means the presence or absence of minor or major scratches, chips, and other technical imperfections. This condition is evident and similar to any other item you intend to sell: the better the fettle, the higher the price.

Which Diamond Can I Sell?

  • There are only a few limits for selling a diamond. Regarding the carat weight, you can successfully sell a Colorless ("white") diamond no less than 1 carat and a Colorful ("fancy") one no less than 0.2 carats heavy.
  • Regarding the color for Colorless diamonds, we buy no less than K grading diamond. Unfortunately, we do not buy loose diamonds with the color lower than that.
  • In terms of clarity, we buy no less than the SI2 clarity stage. Unfortunately, we do not buy loose diamonds with clarity lower than that.
  • We also don't work with any diamonds without gemological certification or laser encryption. These precious stones are impossible to track and prove that they are conflict-free.
  • If your diamond passed these limits – feel free to fill the form, and we will contact you in a few minutes!

How to Find a Loose Diamond Buyer?

The majority usually consider going to a pawnshop or a local jeweler to sell a diamond or a diamond ring. That is a common fallacy because the local dealer most certainly doesn’t know the diamond's real price. He will offer you a price significantly lower than a genuine one. To avoid this, use The Diamond Registry Free Evaluation.

The Diamond Registry has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Besides, we are a member of the exclusive American Gem Society and other trade bodies. Our diamond platform is a global business and has the personnel and operates across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Due to this, we are in constant search of diamonds for thousands of our clients. There is a 100% guarantee that a customer is looking for your diamond, and his budget fits your offer perfectly. That is why we guarantee a rapid sell-off to your ring.

  • We offer incredibly competitive prices.
  • We take no fees.
  • Our selling process is free of charge.


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