Five must know tips to care about your diamond ring

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When you receive that precious diamond ring you have always wanted, it is important to know how to take care of it. Because without any care, your diamond rings will not sparkle as bright as they did before, and that is not what you want right? Therefore we will give away the top 5 must-know tips to take care of your diamond ring properly, that could be your engagement ring or wedding ring.

 Don’t lose your diamond ring

Diamond engagement ring First things first, don’t lose your diamond ring or else there is no need to care for it anymore. That is why it is important to put the ring in a safe and same place every day. This is handy for not accidentally misplacing the diamond ring. In addition, if you are going to take off your diamond ring, try to not put it near any places that are vulnerable such as, the sink or bathtubs. At these vulnerable places, it is too easy to knock them off and lose them.

 Maintain your diamond ring’s value

Diamonds are forever but the sparkle can reduce due to all the movements you do every day. Even for example, when you are just grabbing something out of your bag, putting on hand crème or doing some household cleaning with cleaning equipment. Therefore, taking extra care to maintain your diamond ring’s value is crucial. So start with taking off your diamond ring if you are really planning to do any diamond-ring harmful handlings. Secondly, it is recommended to clean your diamond ring at least once a week, to ensure the brilliance of the diamond does not get dull or clouded. Thirdly, an inspection twice a year from a qualified jeweler is not unnecessary since you don’t want your diamond to fall out all of the sudden. An inspection of a qualified jeweler can guarantee you that the setting of the ring is secure.

 Clean your diamond rings the right way

Yellow diamond engagement ringCleaning your diamond ring is recommended to do at least once a week. How you can clean for example your diamond engagement ring is not only washing hands with soap. On the contrary, washing your hands with soaps and cleaners can dull your diamond ring. The right way to clean your diamond ring yourself is with water and mild liquid detergent. Together with a soft bristled brush, you can loosen up the dirt. Afterwards, it is smart to dry it with a lint-free cloth to avoid fluffs. An especially good cleaning method to make the yellow gold more brightening is soaking the diamond ring in ammonia (diluted with three parts of water) or ethyl alcohol. However, don’t use ammonia for fracture-filled diamonds! If you don’t feel like cleaning your diamond ring yourself and want a professional to do it because it is overly dirty that is possible. Professional cleaners will use an ultrasonic method or steam cleaners to clean the diamond ring and make it sparkle once more. Diamonds are strong enough to be boiled in sulfuric acid. However, diamonds with serious flaws, inclusions or blemishes are better to be taken to a jeweler. Since some cleaning techniques such as boiling in sulfuric acid can worsen the flaws…

 Store your diamond ring the right way

After a whole day attracting the attention of every passer-by a diamond ring can be stored away in the right way. Because it would be a shame if your diamond ring gets damaged in the storage place. The storage tips for your ring starts with your jewelry box. The jewelry box where you will stall your diamond ring is best to be of soft fabric to not get it scratched. However, this can also be a tricky place because a jewelry box is quite simple for a burglar to find your ring. But if you do store it doesn’t put it together with other pieces of jewelry. These other jewelry pieces can scratch your precious diamond ring so don’t put them together.

 Insure your diamond investment

You can clean and take care of your diamond ring as much as you can but if the appraisal or ring is lost, your value is insecure. Therefore it is important to insure your diamond ring. A diamond can be an investment and increase in value over the years. Thus, next to the deeply care for the diamond ring it is important to have your appraisal updated every couple years. In addition, an insurance for any loss or accidental damage is a necessity for luxuries.