Differences between black diamonds and white diamonds

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Black diamond wedding rings are getting more and more popular, however, we are often asked if black diamonds are real diamonds? In short: Yes, definitely! And like for any diamond, you have to look for their quality to better understand the value of black diamonds. Loose diamonds vary in the degree to which color is present. On the GIA diamond color chart, diamonds are graded D when they are colorless and Z when there is a slight yellow tint. Generally, whenever we talk of diamonds, we only think about colorless or slightly colored diamonds ranging from D to J. However, in the world of diamonds there exists an even greater rarity than colorless diamonds: black diamonds. Black diamonds are among the fancy colored diamonds such as green loose diamonds, pink loose diamonds, red loose diamonds and the famous yellow loose diamonds often used for engagement rings. So how do black diamonds differ from white diamonds? Let’s have a look at the differences between white and black diamonds in terms of structure, color, clarity, and diamond prices.


The color formation in black diamonds is caused by graphite inclusions and it is believed that some black diamonds fell to the earth as meteorites. They are not transparent and do not show fire, but can be exceptionally impressive. Black diamonds may show white or gray inclusions that make them very unique. Due to the crystal structure, black diamonds actually absorb most of the light that enters it. Whereas white colorless diamonds reflect the light that enters the diamond in the most brilliant way, depending on the quality of the cut.


Black DiamondsThe difference in diamond color is obvious. However, one has to understand that just because black diamonds are black in color, they are not low-quality diamonds. They are real diamonds, which have a unique crystal structure. Due to this, the conventional grading systems that are used to grade white diamonds cannot be applied to black diamonds. Even more so that with other fancy color diamonds such as blue diamonds, orange diamonds or yellow diamonds.


Many people believe that black diamonds are diamonds that have very low diamond clarity. This is not true. The black color of the diamond is not due to low clarity and even though the clarity of a black diamond is usually graded low, one has to understand that the clarity grades that are assigned to white diamonds do not apply when grading black diamonds.


Generally, the wholesale diamond prices for black loose diamonds are less than that of white or colorless diamonds. The lower diamond price is mostly because black diamonds are viewed as less popular. If you are interested in buying black diamonds or any other fancy colored diamonds, ask for a free quote from our diamond experts. They will source our worldwide inventory of loose diamonds with GIA certification. As a key industry player with over 50 years of experience, The Diamond Registry offers you the expert guidance to find loose diamonds at wholesale prices of the absolute finest quality.

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