Diamonds as an investment

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To many people, buying jewelry or precious stones is a way of investing. If you are new to the diamond industry, you may have asked yourself if investing in diamonds is a smart move or not. Which is a good question, but not easy to answer. However, it is certain that an essential factor in investing safely in diamonds is knowing everything there is to know about the diamond industry. Even if you play it smart, it is still a game where high stakes are at play. So you want to make sure you fully understand that game.

What type of diamonds is good to invest in?

It would be difficult to say which type of diamond specifically is the best for investing. Whether you would invest in a 1 carat VVS1 E round cut diamond, or rather a 3 carat VS1 H princess cut diamond, is more dependent on your budget than anything else. However, whichever type of diamond you want to invest in, the smartest choice will be to invest in loose diamonds. Loose diamonds that have not been set in any jewelry will increase in value as time passes. When they are used to create unique customized jewelry, the total value increases considerably. If you understand how to do this sensibly, then investing in diamonds can be lucrative move indeed.

Make sure that your investment in diamonds is done safely, and that you buy quality diamonds at their actual price. The Diamond Registry is a diamond-trading source that has a large collection of certified loose diamonds and is frequented by jewelers and diamond wholesale dealers. Our purchasing service will guide you through the process of finding the diamond that is right for you, at competitive wholesale prices unmatched in the industry. Have a look at the Diamond Price List to see an overview of the current up-to-date market prices of certified loose diamonds. If you wish to know more about our expert purchasing service, get in touch with our team and ask for a free quote.

Check the loose Diamond Prices

Diamond Registry provides you with a diamond price list which shows an average of the current market pricing trends for wholesale certified loose diamonds.