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April birthstone

People born in April have a luxurious present from life: the most valuable and durable jewel ever created, a diamond birthstone. Having a diamond as an April birthstone is a true privilege. People even refer to it as the King of all Birthstones! So, let's check which miracles can a diamond gift to April people.
Diamond: The special gift for people born in April
The decision to put a diamond in this particular rank has a long historical basis. According to the legend, a priest carrying a breastplate decorated with 12 colored jewels caused the appearance of the very idea that the specific months should have connected precious stones. They were on this clothing to represent the tribes of Israel and inspire them with spiritual energies. In this ancient decoration, the diamond gained fourth place, which caused its further fate.
Since then, each birthstone started having a sort of magical power that works with those born in a corresponding month.
If you’re born in other months, you may see some injustice in the fact one group is higher than others. But that’s the American National Association of Jewelers who made the official list in 1912 and justified diamond as April birthstone!
Diamond April Birthstone
Diamond April Birthstone 1
The story of a diamond birthstone
The fame of diamond spreads far beyond being a special stone for a particular group of people. So, of course, diamond jewelry can make any girl happy. But as April birthstone, it gains extra significance, making the right owner happier in the relationships, more prosperous in career, and more confident in life. So, let’s see which power gains your jewelry that features diamond as your April birthstone.
From way back, people were aware of the durability and extreme value of a diamond – notwithstanding its color, cut, and carat number. Even its word includes these characteristics in the etymology. From Greek, “adamas” means “invincible.” To gain this superpower, warriors wore white diamonds on a battlefield.
And these beliefs have factual justification behind.
Actually, the durability of a diamond is unexampled and has three key dimensions: hardness, toughness, and stability:
  • It’s hard to scratch. If you try to get a scrape on your diamond intentionally, you’ll be surprised it’s not possible to accomplish. That’s because nothing can damage this mineral of 10 Mohs!
  • It’s unbreakable. In fact, to cut a diamond, you need to follow the cleavages it already has. Otherwise, you can’t do anything with it!
  • The environment has no power over a diamond. There is a low risk that clarity or color of a diamond can change under the high temperature – unless that’s a thermal shock. The same applies to chemical effect: it’s safe to put it close to chemicals or use hard cleansers for a diamond.
Diamond April Birthstone 2
Another incredible ability of a white diamond is that it splits all rainbow colors on its surface. That’s the reason why it was believed to be a tear of ancient god or a fragment of a fallen star. And that serves as the justification of an amusing beauty a diamond ring has.
Here are the most interesting facts about diamond birthstone:
Diamond April Birthstone 3
The earliest diamond reference dates back to 4 BC. Even then, people realized how valuable the newly found gem is – they recognized it needed to be formed under the hard pressure of Earth’s crust and mined once ready. It became a gemstone in India immediately, coveted by nobility and the riches.
Diamond April Birthstone 4
Ancient people were so impressed by the sparkling of a diamond birthstone that claimed it’s a terrestrial lighting. Alternatively, they believed diamonds are the tears of god.
Diamond April Birthstone 5
In Roman mythology, Cupid, the god of love, had arrows tipped with diamonds. Since then, diamonds are associated with romantic love and romance.
Diamond April Birthstone 6
The heavy trading of diamonds started in the 15th century. It happened when Venice masters learned how to cut it, and East opened the trade routes. Before that, only grand people enjoyed diamonds.
Diamond April Birthstone 7
Archduke Maximillian of Austria started the tradition of gifting diamonds in an engagement ring. In 1477, Mary of Burgundy became the first owner of this special diamond jewelry.
Diamond April Birthstone 8
Diamonds have healing powers in three dimensions: emotional, physical, and physiological. They are known as energy intensifiers – so, the circumstances in which a diamond is put and the stone pair with which it matches in jewelry really matter. The jewel will multiply everything, no matter if it’s good or bad. Reportedly, taking a diamond to the bed can unburden your body from toxins. Other important qualities April birthstone restores are lucidity, harmony, and wealth.
Diamond April Birthstone 9
One of the most renowned representatives of April birthstone is Hope Diamond. This jewel of 45.52 carat became the movie star, adding drama to the famous “Titanic” story. Another top-ranked diamond is Cullinan, being the largest rough diamond ever found. In carat terms, its weight before cutting was 3106 carat. To compare this tremendous number, the second-largest rough diamond, The Excelsior, weighted 995.2 carats.
The mining of diamonds has experienced dramatic changes over time. First, India held a monopoly on diamond supply. Later, this role went over to Brazil (in the 18th century) and South Africa (in the 19th century). These days, the biggest diamond mines are situated in Russia, Botswana, Australia, Canada, and South Africa. Nevertheless, the situation may change any time – with famous diamond mines that become closed (like Argyle mine in Australia) or newly opened (like the freshly discovered Canadian mines).
Diamond April Birthstone 10
The composition of April birthstone
Carbon is the chemical element that gifts diamond birthstone its strength. Thanks to it, the mineral is almost 60 times harder than any other natural substance. There’s a popular expression that the only thing that cut a diamond is another diamond. And that’s an absolute truth.
What changes the color of a diamond is its chemical composition. White diamonds are pure carbon, while the rest grades have some inclusions. For example, to receive its blue color, carbon is mixed with boron impurities. Pink hue is gained with extra pressure in the process of formation, while black diamonds have graphite and amorphous carbon in their formula.
Notwithstanding the importance of chemical composition, the most important thing to know about diamond is its 4C’s. This abbreviation refers to four core characteristics of a diamond: carat, color, clarity, and cut.
Diamond April Birthstone 11
Cut. This dimension determines the brilliance of a diamond. Remember that it should be done carefully and in a skillful way –when it comes to white diamond rings especially. An interesting fact: the fiery cutting method used today appeared only several centuries ago, increasing the overall quality standards of a diamond.
Diamond April Birthstone 12
Color: Generally, there are two color groups of a diamond: colored and white ones. Among the most popular jewelry colors for this April birthstone, people prefer pink, green, blue, and yellow diamonds. However, the intensity also matters and counts for much. The deeper the hue, the rarer the gem is. At the same time, white diamonds are the most popular options to gift. Traditionally, white gems are the choice made for engagement rings. So, pay your close attention to them.
Diamond April Birthstone 13
Carat: This parameter determines the weight of a diamond. The more carats it has, the more costly it becomes. Also, that’s the basic parameter to distinguish while choosing among different diamond gift ideas: like 1-carat diamond ring in 14K white gold setting or 18K white gold necklace with 115 0.5 carat round diamonds. For people not acquainted with the 4C’s of a diamond, this is also the sole basis to distinguish diamonds. So, use this parameter as the gift reference.
Diamond April Birthstone 14
Clarity. In terms of this indicator, diamonds can change from internally flawless to heavily included – depending on the exact number of imperfections. For a gift, aim at the highest clarity possible.
Other factors also affect the appearance and the price paid for April birthstone - like fluorescence, shape, and certification.
To learn more, refer to our diamond experts so we can provide the most reliable information about the market these days. Just submit the request form on our website – and we’ll get in touch with you within minutes!
How to wear and take care of your diamond jewelry
A diamond gift is an extremely valuable and highly impressive gesture. Of course, it deserves appropriate attention and care. For your convenience, here are some useful tips and tricks about diamond care:
  • Due to its extreme hardness and value, diamond birthstone jewelry is appropriate for both everyday wear and special occasions. For the same reason, keep your diamond jewelry away from other stones and metals – it can scratch them.
  • Diamonds conduct heat, so be careful when warming them – there were cases when the gem turned into glue in inexperienced hands! Just avoid increasing the diamond temperature sharply and on purpose.
  • The most popular gift containing April birthstone is an engagement ring. The durability of a diamond allows playing with its shapes, helping the jewelry result satisfy any taste. Also, many couples exchange diamond rings during wedding ceremonies. This way, it helps fulfill its purpose of being the symbol of eternal and everlasting love.
  • Although diamonds are durable enough not to worry about them, the ring setting is a different story. So, adjust your care method by taking into account this factor: while diamonds are fine with chemicals in a swimming pool, this environment can seriously damage the white gold band of your ring.
  • Diamond birthstone is durable enough for using different washing methods – including those with ultrasonic cleaners. Be careful with inclusions and imperfections, though – they call for using a more gentle cleaning: in warm soapy water and with a toothbrush.
  • Recently, diamonds appeared in the center of ethical conflict. Human rights organizations noticed several flash points of conflict on diamond mines, featuring atrocities and mass killings of innocent people. The business became “bloody” and called for the need to certify the origin of all the diamonds.
The diamond industry has always been one of the most research-loaded ones, meaning the number of miners, gemologists, and clients involved. With the increased popularity of diamond jewelry, there appeared many consultants helping to choose and take care of your gem. So, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help in selecting, buying, and cleaning your diamond birthstone jewelry.
Refer to Diamond Registry! We will connect you with numerous diamond suppliers worldwide and help you choose the best option for the wholesale price. Just submit us the request form below!
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