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March birthstone

For people born in March, nature prepared a special gift – two birthstones between which you can choose! Meet aquamarine and bloodstone, the extremely beautiful and meaningful gems for those born in the first month of spring.
How to select a birthstone?
In the contemporary world, we want to surround ourselves with the special things that carry the sign of our personality on them. We find the best house, the most appropriate outfit style, and the most suitable environment to live in.
In a similar manner, getting your birthstone is one of the things that make you unique.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 1
Aquamarine stone: the history behind a jewel of a rare blue color
If you translate the word “aquamarine” from Latin, it will consist of two parts referring to the water theme: “aqua” stands for “water,” and “marine” is for “sea.” This made it relevant to call aquamarine the symbol of seawater. Because of that, this jewel appeared in the center of many tales and myths connected with the sea. In ancient times, these legends said aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids. However, its power expanded beyond these limits. Nowadays, the aquamarine stone also gained a significant spiritual meaning. For all the people who chose to wear aquamarine, it aids in renewing the internal balance and enhancing communication skills, being the jewel of peace and confidence.
And it’s true: there is no gem reminding of a cool bright day at the seaside as much as aquamarine does.
Not only its title but also its color refers to the most tranquil things in nature: a pastel sky, a crystal clear river, a blue ocean.
Due to this, many people consider aquamarine as a charming and meaningful gift. It symbolizes the joy and beauty of life itself, connected with juvenility, reliance, fellowship, and fidelity. It quietens down internal conflicts and conciliates quarrels in the relationships. That’s why the jewelry featuring aquamarine stone is extremely beautiful, symbolic, and charming – not to mention the special meaning it has for March people!
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 2
But the story about this gem has just started! Here are some of the numerous interesting facts about aquamarine diamond:
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 3
The very first aquamarine was found in India, serving local mystics in clearing their minds and bringing confidence in their public speeches.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 4
Soldiers from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt worshiped aquamarine as a victory talisman.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 5
In the Roman Empire, aquamarine stone with a carved frog assisted people in distinguishing friends from enemies.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 6
Sailors used aquamarine jewelry to remain cold-hearted in front of the storm and save an ability to land a vessel safely.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 7
In front of the risk of being poisoned, Medieval people wore rings with this March birthstone to protect themselves from harm.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 8
In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was also used as the “magic mirror,” helping prophets to tell the future and answer fate-related questions.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 9
German doctors used aquamarine in lenses to correct myopia.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 10
These days, a ring with aquamarine and diamond is an excellent gift for the bride, symbolizing re-kindling of her romantic love.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 11
The most famous aquamarine stone ever was gifted to Lady Roosevelt in 1936 by the Brazilian government. The special jewelry had a dark blue rectangular step cut aquamarine of 1,298 carats. Other famous owners of aquamarine were Princess Diana (she had a ring and a bracelet set) and Queen Elizabeth II of England (her aquamarine jewelry сollection included tiara, necklace, earrings, and bracelet).
When it comes to aquamarine stone mining, the most popular place to get it is Pakistan. In the local Karakoram Mountains, miners climb high to get this mineral of 7.5 Mohs. Also, many aquamarine gems are found in Brazil, especially in the state of Minas Gerais. Sometimes, this March birthstone is found in Ukraine, China, Zambia, Kenya, Russia, and Madagascar.
Bloodstone March Birthstone 1
Bloodstone: the second pick for March babies
Also known as heliotrope, bloodstone is one of cryptocrystalline quartz varieties. It has an unusual dark green color and features some adding of red. From Greek, the word “heliotrope” means “to turn the sun.” It is believed that this title appeared due to the ability of this gem to reflect sunlight. In ancient times, people were charmed by the vision of the red sunset mirrored in the ocean and connected this impression with what they saw in this jewel.
Also, this mineral is a symbol of justice. Alternatively, it’s called as martyr’s stone, being deeply connected with the story of Jesus Christ. Actually, there are many other facts known about this jewel.
Are you intrigued by what they are?
Here are the useful details about the bloodstone to satisfy your curiosity:
Bloodstone March Birthstone 2
Notwithstanding its murderous title, it was believed to be the most peaceful mineral, having the power to heal wounded in bloody battles. These days, bloodstone is still used to treat blood disorders – especially, nosebleeds.
Bloodstone March Birthstone 3
In Babylon, bloodstone was used to make seals and amulets.
Bloodstone March Birthstone 4
It’s believed that red drops on this mineral appeared from Christ’s blood left at the foot of the cross during his crucifixion.
Bloodstone March Birthstone 5
The jewelry featuring heliotrope has a wide list of metaphysical characteristics, including superpower, invisibility, luck, and preserving health. Because of that, this jewel is a frequent gift for luck and strength during sports competitions.
Bloodstone March Birthstone 6
Crushed in powder, bloodstone is a great aphrodisiac. By adding some honey and egg white, you’ll receive the medicine to stop tumors and hemorrhage. Consider buying a really big jewel to treat yourself in many ways!
Bloodstone March Birthstone 7
The most famous bloodstone is stored in the Louvre museum in Paris. It was received from the German Emperor Rudolf II.
To find this March birthstone, look in caves’ fractures and riverbeds’ pebbles in India, Brazil, and Australia. These are the traditional places to mine this jewel.
Aquamarine Stone Birthstone 12
The chemistry behind aquamarine and bloodstone
Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family that also has some iron elements in its structure. Being in one group with emeralds, morganites, and heliodors, it’s an extremely valuable jewel, being pricey as a diamond. Sometimes, this jewel is even titled as “a poor men’s diamond.” So, people call it an aquamarine diamond.
It can be formed by the connection of microcline and quartz, or fluorite and muscovite. Depending on its structure, aquamarine diamond features different shades of a blue, changing from pale tone to the almost green color. The intensity of this color depends on the composition of aquamarine, meaning the exact proportion of beryl and iron.
And what about bloodstone?
In a similar manner, dark-green bloodstone contains red inclusions of iron oxide. As a particular form of quartz, it’s made of chalcedony that gifts an intense green color to this pick for luxury jewelry.

Bloodstone has two groups:

  • Heliotrope. It’s the March birthstone of a transparent color with several red spots.
  • Plasma. It’s an opaque bloodstone of a mostly homogenous green color.
Bloodstone March Birthstone 8
How to pick and take care of your bloodstone and aquamarine diamond jewelry
Considering the incredible beauty and the extraordinary features of March jewels, many people love including them in jewelry.
  • Both aquamarine and bloodstone have a rare color with no extra tunes, so they are well-matched with colored metals in settings. This means the great news for you: any band option will work great in the ring!
  • The endurance of both bloodstone and aquamarine is enough for wearing them in jewelry every day. By the way, the color of aquamarine diamond makes is universal for any summer and spring outfit of your choice.
  • The intensity of color in aquamarine stone usually changes with its size. The bigger gem you pick, the more intense is the tone you get. Consider this while choosing the size of your March birthstone in a ring!
  • To choose aquamarine correctly, refer to its 4C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat. The stronger blue tone the color has, the more valuable this March birthstone is. Cut and clarity affect the color saturation in aquamarine, like in a diamond, so you should also consider them. In addition, the aquamarine can have the same shapes as the diamond has: oval, round, and heart.
  • Don’t heat your aquamarine and bloodstone jewelry – it will not change the color intensity as it normally happens in other jewels.
  • The best method to clean both jewels is washing them with a toothbrush and mild dish soap and drying with a soft cloth. Steam cleaners are also fine – just check whether your aquamarine has no liquid and fractures that can be damaged.
  • In jewelry, the top pick is to combine aquamarine and diamond in rings and pendants. White and sea-colored diamonds supplement the design and add more magnificence to the precious gift.
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