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August birthstone

August birthday offers three birthstone varieties to choose from: peridot, spinel, and sardonyx. Do you want to know their specialties and differences? Read our overview and make an informed decision for August person!
Three August gemstones to choose from
Many people struggle with finding that one and only birthstone that will fit the taste of a special person they love. Usually, there is only one jewel to pick, and fitting it into a needed design can last for months. But if you’re about to impress an August child, your choice is three times easier than usual! With a variety of gemstone options, the birthstone jewelry for this month gives rein to your imagination.
These jewels differ by color, value, and symbolism. Also, some of them look better in earrings, while the others deserve being featured in a massive necklace. Finally, some are relatively cheap, while others have extreme value on the jewel market. So, how to make the right choice in this situation?
Peridot Gem August Birthstone
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 1
Peridot: the first option to impress your August person
Generally, peridot is the top pick for August people. Its title is of an Arabic origin and means “gem.” As you can easily see, the word itself is rather generalized, causing many problems for peridots in the future. Throughout the years, people confused them with emeralds. Everybody made this mistake: from an average inexperienced buyer to Empress Cleopatra! Another common confusion is when peridot became topaz in people’s imagination. This is a half-truth, though: the only connection is that first peridots were found in Topazios (previous Zabargad), an island in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Notwithstanding these connections, peridot is a unique jewel. It’s a variety of a mineral oliverine and a national gemstone of Egypt. Also, the remarkable thing about peridot is that it always contains a shade of green color. Its intensity depends on the amount of iron in this gemstone. In the general range of green, the colors of peridot include yellowish, brown, and bright lime tones.
Here are some interesting facts about peridot:
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 2
Mother Nature gifted peridot on the occasion of creating Earth, according to the legends of ancient people.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 3
Ancient Egyptians called peridot “the gemstone of a sun.” They thought it’s capable of bringing light in the darkest nights. Pharaohs went even further, encrusting their goblets to connect with the gods. When Roman times came, peridot received another title, “evening emerald.” The gem deserved being called like this because it never loses its shining color – even under artificial lighting.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 4
Priests loved peridot so much that included this gemstone in almost every church they built in the Middle Ages.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 5
There is a belief about peridot that its secret power is in destroying nightmares and filling the wearer with confidence and energy – especially when gold supplements this jewel. Also, peridot is associated with eliminating negative emotions and bringing peace and serenity, expelling “the terrors of the night.” Finally, the symbolism behind peridot includes harmony, restful sleep, and compassion. Keep calm and wear peridot, in short!
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 6
Sometimes, peridot can be a romantic stone. For example, Napoleon presented peridot to his wife, Josephine, in the name of their great love.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 7
The biggest mistake made about peridots is when 200-carat gemstones on a shrine in Cologne Cathedral in Germany were called emeralds.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 8
The largest peridot weighs 300 carats. It is stored in Smithsonian Museum, Washington, D.C.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 9
Among the contemporary celebrity fans of peridot, this birthstone jewelry was spotted on Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore. Also, the members of the British royal family frequently appear in public wearing peridots. For King Edward VII, it was a favorite gemstone. He associated the green color of peridot with good luck.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 10
In Hawaii, there is a sightseeing spot called Peridot Beach. Its sand has an unusual green color. It consists of olivine left from a volcanic erosion. By the way, peridots are believed to be the green tears of the volcano goddess Pele in the local culture.
Peridot Gem August Birthstone 11
Peridots are formed in the mantle of our planet and can be seen only with a volcanic eruption. Moreover, meteorites titled pallasites can bring them to our planet. Some peridots can also be found in crevices in the mountains.
Throughout the years, Egypt and Myanmar were two key places to spot peridots in the world. In the 19th century, huge deposits of this August birthstone were found in Pakistan, with enormous 100-carat “Kashmir peridots.” These days, mining of peridots almost completely takes place in San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona, United States. Its capacities are enough to satisfy the demand for peridots and make them affordable for any person born in August.
Spinel August Birthstone
Spinel: the second option for August people
From Latin, the word “spina” means thorn, establishing an association with the stone’s bright red color and fire. In nature, spinel can come in various tones: red, pink, orange, and even green. Among the most beautiful color options, we recommend paying attention to pastel pink and fiery orange spinels. They are unique not only because of their color but also because not so many people know about their existence.
Are you curious about spinel? Here are some top facts about this jewel:
Spinel August Birthstone 1
Frequently, the red spinel is mistaken with a ruby. These gemstones of the same color are titled as relatives from the earliest times. For example, ruby became a mother of spinel in Sanskrit writings. Other authors simply called spinel a ruby doppelgänger. Indeed, the August birthstone is one of greatest usurper in gemstone history.
Spinel August Birthstone 2
Like rubies, spinel birthstones are believed to spread calming energy. People rely on their power to relieve stress, bring courage, and even intensify love.
Spinel August Birthstone 3
In contrast to rubies, spinels are rarer and come in bigger sizes. That’s the reason why many big famous rubies turned out to be a spinel. This kind of a story happened to 170-carat Black Prince Ruby of the Imperial State Crown of England, 361-carat Timur Ruby of Queen Victoria, and 368-carat Ruby in the crown of Catherine the Great.
There are several places to mine spinel, including Tajikistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Tanzania. But the best reputation on the jewelry market has spinel from Myanmar.
Sardonyx August Birthstone
Sardonyx: the third birthstone option
Within its structure, sardonyx consists of two chalcedony parts: sard and onyx. Thanks to these elements, the color of sardonyx generally ranges from yellow to brown. Its exact tone depends on the amount of iron in a gemstone. That’s the reason why sardonyx can come in other colors – such as green, black, grey, and white.
Here is some useful information for the better acquaintance with this special gemstone:
Sardonyx August Birthstone 1
Sardonyx came from the Persian city Sardis, situated in contemporary Turkey.
Sardonyx August Birthstone 2
There remained evidences that in 2000 B.C., people wore sardonyx before the battle to win.
Sardonyx August Birthstone 3
In Roman times, sardonyx was the key ingredient in seals. Also, warriors put this gemstone in a ring as a talisman before any important battle. The image of Mars was carved on a sardonyx to intensify the magic power.
In terms of mining, India is a country where it’s possible to find sardonyx with different color layers. Also, Brazil, Germany, Uruguay, and the United States are among the top places for sardonyx seekers.
Tips for caring about August birthstone jewelry
In terms of wearing and cleaning, three gemstones mentioned need a different approach. Check out this guide to see the difference and learn the peculiarities of each:
  • The hardness of peridot is around 6.5 Mohs. It is softer than many other gemstones but still durable enough to scratch other pieces of your jewelry. So, store it separately!
  • The common size for peridots is below 3 carats. That’s the reason why a necklace is the most popular option for wearing peridots on a regular basis. However, don’t limit yourself that much: you can get remarkable 15 carats of this gemstone for an affordable price.
  • Spinel is a gemstone that is harder than a peridot, earning 8 points on the Mohs scale. This turns it into a great option for everyday wear in jewelry. Also, it cannot be damaged by chemicals.
  • If you want to wear spinel often, choose a ring or a necklace.
  • To clean your spinel jewelry, you’d better go with soapy water than special cleaners. The latter can cause fractures on your gemstone.
  • Sardonyx is a choice for special occasions, not everyday wear. The top jewelry picks with it include magnificent necklaces, engagement rings, and earrings. Sardonyx is known for one of the greatest price-quality ratio, so you can choose a really huge gemstone!
  • With a relatively low degree of hardness (only 6.5 Mohs), sardonyx jewelry needs special care. While cleaning it, avoid ultrasonic cleaners and direct steam impact. Also, high heat can be dangerous for your sardonyx.
Even though it’s common to mistake almost every August birthstone with other jewels, this confusion shouldn’t trap you. For this particular month, these gemstones are truly valuable and beautiful – even if emeralds are better known than peridots and rubies have a greater reputation than spinels. So, pay closer attention to these beautiful jewels!
If you have any questions about your precious stones, feel free to contact Diamond Registry experts. Just fill out our submission form, and get the personalized consultation from us!
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