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September birthstone

If you celebrate your birthday in the first month of autumn, pay closer attention to colored sapphires! Being in the list of 4 most precious jewels, they are not only valuable but also highly important for September people. Precisely, sapphire jewelry guides your autumn-born soul through the ups and downs of fate. Let’s meet this incredible jewel closer!
Blue sapphires, the special gemstones for September people
The color is the most remarkable thing for sapphire birthstone. From the very beginning, that's how people distinguished blue sapphires from other gemstones. Alluding to this appearance, the word “sapphire” itself means “dark blue gem,” translated from Greek. As an alternative interpretation, the Sanskrit noun “sanipriya” means “dark-colored stone.” As you can see, everything you need to know about sapphires is evident from the title!
September Birthstone
Sapphire September Birthstone
The basic information about sapphire
Originally, the notion “sapphire” also refers to another blue stone called Lapis Lazuli. The resemblance is so high that people recognize blue sapphires and Lapis Lazuli as two possible birthstone options.
Even though there exist several hues of sapphire, the mostly appraised birthstone has a blue one. With this tone, the gemstone has the most tempting appearance. Also, blue sapphires are a never-fading classics – even if colored sapphires are generally rarer and more expensive. Just remember: there are several shades of sapphires.
Here are some other interesting facts about this September birthstone:
Sapphire September Birthstone 1
In Ancient Persia, people believed that Earth was placed on a big sapphire basement. And its blue color reflected on the top of the world is the sky.
Sapphire September Birthstone 2
Bible frequently mentions the incredible abilities of blue sapphires. Mostly, the jewel references underline the divinity of the Lord. The authors place it under his feet, supporting the idea that the world is placed on a big sapphire. In addition, the tablets where Ten Commandments were published are made from blue sapphires. That’s likely to be true: this birthstone is hard enough for engraving on it.
Sapphire September Birthstone 3
Ancient Greeks wore blue sapphires to protect themselves from envy. They believed this jewel symbolizes Apollo, the god capable of prophecy. Greeks thought that wearing a sapphire will help them open a “third eye.” Till the 17th century, people kept taking sapphire for fortune-telling.
Sapphire September Birthstone 4
The list of secret powers of September birthstone includes restoring inner harmony and precluding depression. Also, it is effective in fighting evil forces and facilitating pain.
Sapphire September Birthstone 5
In Hindu Vedic literature, an iconic tree Kalpavriksha has sapphire roots. This allegory supported the general perception of the September birthstone to be a jewel that has the power to support everything in this world. It’s even used to heal chakras.
Sapphire September Birthstone 6
A sapphire is believed to prevent any kind of body poisoning. According to one of the legends, a vessel made of sapphire can kill a snake. The same idea applies to a spider. And any other poisonous insect.
Sapphire September Birthstone 7
Clergy and royals highly valued blue sapphires, associating them with divine wisdom and purity. For priesthood, they represented Heaven. Also, the gemstone was believed to symbolize open-heartedness, verity, and knighthood – all the noble virtues, in short. No surprise that bishops adored wearing rings with a star sapphire.
Sapphire September Birthstone 8
Medieval people believed in the power of sapphire to cure the plague and eye disease. In terms of physical health, the extraordinary abilities of the September birthstone include strengthening bones, facilitating post-surgery healing, reducing inflammation, and stimulating both pituitary and thyroid gland – highly needed measure for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
Sapphire September Birthstone 9
A sapphire was a jewel used in the engagement rings before a diamond. For example, Napoleon gifted his wife Josephine a ring that featured a sapphire and a diamond.
Sapphire September Birthstone 10
In astrology, blue sapphires symbolize Saturday, while colorless ones refer to Friday, the day when everything on the Earth was created.
Sapphire September Birthstone 11
During the meditation, wearing a ring that features colored sapphires can assist in catching inspiration, elaborating creative ideas, and receiving the shots of confidence from the Universe. Moreover, this ring can help establish the link between you and your guardian angel – which may have the highly practical effect of saving your nervous system from an emotional attack. In short, a sapphire ring connects your body with your soul.
Sapphire September Birthstone 12
The most expensive sapphire is a padparadscha one. It has an incredible pinkish-orange color, and its title itself refers to the tender lotus flower if to translate the word from Sinhalese.
Sapphire September Birthstone 13
The most famous sapphire has 12 carats and belongs to the British royal family. That’s an engagement ring firstly worn by Princess Diana and then gifted to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Since then, there is a belief that engagement rings with blue sapphires intensify frankness and faithfulness in a couple. Another well-known gemstone is the Rockefeller Sapphire. Its weight is 62 carats, so it fits the designs of both a brooch and a ring. Among the contemporary celebrities who like wearing sapphires in rings, earrings, and necklaces, there are Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth Hurley.
The mining of colored sapphires usually happens in three areas in Asia: Kashmir, Mogok, and Sri Lanka. “Kashmir” sapphires from India have a distinctive velvety blue color, being the top pick on the market. In Mogok, the climate also allows sapphires, placed alongside ruby deposits, to get an intense hue. These “Burmese” sapphires are also highly valued. Finally, Sri Lanka is the birthplace of a special “cornflower blue” sapphire. Also, you can find a “geuda” sapphire of a creamy white color there. In addition to these three places, either blue sapphires or colored sapphires are occasionally found in Australia, the United States, Cambodia, and Madagascar.
Sapphire September Birthstone 14
The internal composition of sapphires
In terms of its chemical structure, sapphire is a variety of corundum. This mineral is also in the basis of a ruby. Also, the jewel contains traces of iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, and magnesium. The extreme hardness of sapphires allows using them not only in rings and bracelets but also in optical equipment, creation of windows, electronic wafers, and even LEDs.
When it comes to color, this gemstone can have 50 shades of blue: from the lightest to the darkest tones. However, sapphire birthstone can take other hues – including orange, white, green, and purple. But not the red one – just because an intense red sapphire is already a ruby! Generally, the intensity of color determines the value of a sapphire. And the most wanted gemstone will have the deepest shade possible.
Other remarkable features of colored sapphires
Sapphire gemstone may have a star in the middle of a gemstone. Scientists call this phenomenon asterism. This star always has six rays and moves with the sapphire while it’s rotated under the light. Christians always worshipped star sapphires, calling them “The Stone of Destiny” and attributing such an appearance with credence, hope, and destiny. The largest jewel with asterism is Star of Asia, a sapphire that weighs 330 carats.
In addition to this, the gemstone itself can change its color from blue to purple. Alternatively, it can transform from green under the sunlight to pink under the incandescent indoor light. Such sapphires can be found in Tanzania, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.
Sapphire September Birthstone 15
How to take care of jewelry that features colored sapphires
Here are some useful tips from Diamond Registry experts to wear your sapphire jewelry:
  • In terms of hardness, sapphires have 9 Mohs. This makes them suitable for everyday wear.  However, make sure sapphire jewelry is stored not together with other sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. These jewels can scratch each other.
  • It’s common to treat a sapphire with heat to deepen its color. Thus, you should visit your jewelry store twice a year to renew the color of your birthstone.
  • To clean sapphire jewelry, use warm soapy water. If your gemstone is untreated, feel free to use ultrasonic and steam cleaners on a ring. However, with fractured and cavity-filled colored sapphires, extreme care is needed – even a lemon juice drop can destroy them! So, gently brush sapphire put under moderately warm water with a toothbrush. Apply dishwashing detergent only if needed.
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