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This might be one of the questions every couple will have before their wedding: how to find the perfect wedding ring? In addition, what would you do with that precious sparkling?engagement ring??Because when?the person you love?kneels down on one knee to propose?to you with a stunning engagement ring you know it is one you want to wear forever. So what do you do if there will be a wedding ring coming? Do you keep wearing your engagement ring or does it make a place for the wedding ring? With the new trend, which is called elaborately shaped wedding bands, your engagement ring its appearance will only get better. Proposal with a perfect weddin ringThe elaborately?shaped wedding bands are a new and unique way to match your engagement ring with your new wedding ring. Many brides-to-be around the world are choosing this trend since the rings are matching you can wear both rings every day! Perfect solution, but finding the perfect wedding band that matches can be quite difficult. More reason to introduce you to Diamond Registry - a well established, pioneer and unique diamond wholesaler?and educational platform for loose diamonds and fine?jewelry. The Diamond Registry receives inquiries all over the world for loose diamonds and fine?jewelry?- seeing more clients to ask for elaborately shaped wedding bands to match their precious engagement ring. Why Diamond Registry is a?favored?place to ask for this ring trend is because Diamond Registry is wholesale, that means less overhead cost making the total diamond prices easily lower with 50 to 60% compared to retail. In addition, the diamond ring or wedding ring settings that are available in retail are limited and through diamond wholesale such as Diamond Registry, customers can create their own wedding ring band. Together with Diamond Registry's in-house?jewelers,?customers can create the wedding band that matches the engagement ring. You can make it as personalized and unique as you want, and the best part you will not find it in any retail store. If your engagement ring is a 1 carat diamond ring or a 3 carat diamond ring, or larger, the elaborately shaped wedding band still needs precise and accurate craftsmanship to prepare it. Why? Because?the rings have to fit each other without making it look like the rings are separate.? Would you like to know which wedding band fits your engagement ring and what the cost will be? Ask for a free quote by email, filling in a form or calling Diamond Registry. Together with a diamond?jewelry?expert, you can explore the possibilities of buying a larger, better or more unique (diamond) wedding ring for the same budget.