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If you decide to go for K color, you can be sure: you`ve made a great diamond deal. Even though this grade is far from flawlessly colorless D color diamond, it still looks awesome, especially if you`ve picked a nice yellow gold or rose gold metal setting for it.

The reason is simple: even if see some traces of yellow hue in K color, they shouldn`t be the reason to overpay on the diamond price. Once you learn more about diamonds, you realize that it`s wiser to invest extra money in cut and clarity instead of color. And so, compromising on K color is not as dramatic as it seems.

If you`re interested in K color diamonds and the exact ways you can save on diamond price, you`ve come to the right place. In this article, Diamond Registry experts will reveal the top secrets on saving on K color diamonds and recommend where you can get them at the most affordable price possible. Continue reading to learn the details!

What are color grades

Each color diamond is evaluated on a scale introduced by a special diamond institute. If colorless, the stone can get a letter from D to Z, depending on the presence of a yellow or brown hint in its appearance. Here are the exact color diamond groups:

  • D, E, F – Perfect Colorless,
  • H, G, I, J – Near Colorless,
  • K, L, M – Faint Color diamond
  • N, O, P, Q, R – diamonds with a visible yellow hue
  • S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z – visibly yellowish colorless diamonds.

In this gradation, K color diamonds are the representatives of colorless stones that have a faint color presence. This yellow hue can be striking once compared to perfect colorless and near colorless diamonds, but you can mask it with yellow gold and rose gold instead. If you like these metals for an engagement ring, feel free to spend more on clarity and cut quality. These factors are determining in so-called diamond 4C`s – the parameters that define quality and price in this precious stone.

K Color Diamonds Pricing

Numerous things determine the cost of K color diamonds. Among the most predictable factors, diamond grading centers rely on the 4C`s: carat weight, cut quality, color grade, and clarity parameters. Here are some details on these 4 characteristics:

  1. Carat weight. Each carat stands for 0.2 grams of diamond weight. A heavier diamond costs more than a lighter one – if all the other parameters are equal in these two stones, of course.
  2. Clarity. If your stone has no visible inclusions, you can state it possesses flawless clarity. The better this parameter is, the more expensive the diamond becomes.
  3. Cut quality. The most important parameter that determines almost everything about the diamond appearance. We recommend picking a round brilliant cut in any carat weight category, clarity, and color grade. This cut quality is must-have.
  4. Color grade. Comparing to other 4C`s, color in a diamond has the lowest priority. And so, you can make a wise choice by compromising on the color grade. Together with yellow gold or rose gold metal, you can pick K color diamonds and save like a PRO.

In general, we advise our customers not to chase D color grade but invest in Excellent round brilliant cut instead. You can confidently play with color in a diamond as long as a jewel appears colorless to your eyes.

Where to Get K Color Diamonds for the Best Price

If you need to buy K color grade diamonds fast and hassle-free, you`re welcome to our office. Established in 1961, Diamond Registry operates as the first and most reliable source of diamond information where you can get wholesale diamonds for the best market price. If you need a ready-made engagement ring, our in-house jewelers can repeat any design you have in mind and advise on the best metals and settings.

Diamond Registry is a notable and authorized diamond wholesale firm that submits purchasers the professional advice of a diamond expert from an online service. We are bound to giving our buyers the most competitive rates in the business, while also sticking to the top quality rules. We`re an office where you can get a K-color engagement ring at a wholesale price. Get free recommendations and instructions from your diamond consultant who will assist you in buying the gemstone for fair money and design diamond jewelry upon your request. Contact us now!

K Color Diamonds vs. Other Color Diamonds

To see the intensity of yellow or brown color hint, you should compare diamonds side by side. This is especially relevant for diamonds between D and K color grades. When it comes to the M-Z color diamond, the yellowish appearance is already quite striking. That`s why don`t recommend going lower than K color diamonds to receive a nice-looking jewel for the best price.

Check below the comparison of K color diamonds with various color diamond groups:

  • K color diamonds vs. Colorless diamond scale. Comparing to D, E and F color diamond, K color looks evidently yellowish. But if you stay away from these colorless stones and put your K color diamonds in yellow gold or rose gold metal setting, you will see how much more colorless they will appear to you! It`s all the point of picking the right angle of view.
  • K color vs. Near Colorless diamond scale. H, G, I, J and K colors have many things in common. Basically, all of them look colorless and are a great color diamond deal. But we recommend picking near colorless diamonds for platinum and white gold settings. In their turn, K color diamonds are a perfect match with yellow gold and rose gold.
  • K color vs. Faint diamond scale. Within its color grade group, K color diamonds appear more colorless than L and M ones. The latter already reveal a clear presence of yellow tint, while K color can still appear purely colorless if you select it wisely.
  • K color vs. Very Light diamond scale. Please, stay away and never purchase an N-Z color diamond! These stones have very poor quality and are forbidden from being sold. If you get this diamond, someone has cheated you.
  • K color vs. Colored diamond scale. K color diamonds don`t look like yellow and brown stones. And so, if you fancy the color present in a jewel, K color grade won`t satisfy your needs.

How K Color Looks in Different Diamond Shapes

K grade is a good choice for the round brilliant cut diamond. For such cut quality, the low color grade won`t be critical. That`s why we recommend K color and Excellent cut as the top diamond match in terms of affordability.

We don`t recommend getting K color diamonds in other diamond shapes. In an engagement ring, you can spot a yellowish hue easier. It`s better to improve a color diamond grade at least to H. On an exceptional basis, you can match K color diamonds with yellow gold and rose gold. By still, you should recommend with a diamond consultant not to make a mistake.

How K Color Grade Looks in Different Metal Settings

K color diamonds require extreme attention to the metal once inserted in an engagement ring. You cannot match them with white metal. Costly platinum, white gold, or even silver can create an unfavorable contrast with your stone and make it visibly yellowish. If you deal with tiny K color diamonds, you can try putting them in such a setting, though. But you`ll need jeweler mastery and deep diamond knowledge.

You can be more confident with yellow gold and rose gold. These metals will hide all possible hue imperfections and make your jewel even more colorless as it is. If you get K color diamonds in the round brilliant cut, they can work well even as a center stone in an engagement ring.

That`s why we highly recommend pairing your K color diamonds with yellow gold or rose gold settings in an engagement ring. In this case, you will hide extra colors with the needed contrast. If decide to invest in a higher color grade, pair it with any white metal. This way, you will demonstrate the benefits of a colorless diamond better.

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