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Before starting your quest for the best diamond prices, be sure to understand the key components of a diamond price.

The different diamond prices in the market

The diamond registry price list deliver an updated sheet of diamond prices used by wholesalers within the diamond industry. 
It is a very good way to estimate the diamond prices with the original market price indicator.

How much is it going to cost? What are the real diamond prices?

The value of diamonds is calculated depending 5 parameters: first the Shape (round family or fancy family), then 4 other parameters known as the 4C, the Cut (proportions), the Carat (weight), the Clarity and the Color of the diamond. The diamond prices can go from 10 000$ for a 2 carat diamond to 70 000$ and up for a 3 carats diamond or bigger stones.

Wholesale Round Diamond Prices comparison Chart

Let's have look on the price variation comparing some 2 carats diamond prices and some 3 carats diamond prices. In this comparison chart, the same round diamond shape is used to better understand the price variation. The price would be slightly different if we use another shape like an Emerald Cut Diamond.

Carat Color Clarity Cut Shape Price Variation
3.00 K SI2 Very Good Round $21,000.00 VS1 Clarity instead of SI2
3.00 K VS1 Very Good Round $32,000.00
3.00 D VVS1 Very good Round $160,000.00 -
2.00 D VVS1 Very Good Round $65,000.00 E color instead of F color
2.00 E VVS1 Very Good Round $55,000.00
2.50 G VVS1 Very Good Round $41,000.00 -

As you can see only one parameter can change a lot of the diamond price, so it's better to know a least your budget or what kind of diamond you exactly want to find. Some specific fancy colors are cheaper than others, that's why Black Diamond Engagement Rings are much more affordable.

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Diamond prices

Our diamond price tool will help you to better define what you want and will deliver an estimated market price of Round diamonds and Fancy shapes like Emerald cut, Princess cut, Asscher cut, Cushion cut, Pear Shaped, Radiant Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Diamond, Heart Shaped Diamond,..."


The Wholesale Diamond Price list

Our updated diamond price list is a major source of diamond prices and market fluctuations used by wholesales profesessionals to establish diamond prices.

All Diamond prices are per carat in $USD. To calculate the total Diamond Price, multiple the size by the diamond price per carat.
For example, if you wanted to buy a 2 carat round VVS1 D Color diamond, the total diamond price would be 2 x $38,800 = $77,600

Diamond Price List Round Shape
for 2 carats diamond and 3 carats diamond.


2 Carat I.F VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2
3 Carat I.F VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2

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