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The Diamond Registry is the pioneer in the diamond industry to provide transparency into everything you want to know about loose diamonds including wholesale diamond prices. We are a major international diamond distributor, serving thousands of jewellers, diamond dealers and private clients worldwide. We are the diamond industry's source for the finest hand picked certified wholesale loose diamonds and with our website, the same wholesale diamond prices for "diamond industry only" are also available to the you and the public.

Since 1961 the Diamond Prices we provide through our diamond pricing report have helped many people to be better informed about the costs and values of loose diamonds. Knowing the diamond cuts, the wholesale certified diamond prices, you are much more prepared to look for the perfect stone that fits your needs. Ask for a free quote before looking for any personalized hand made jewelry, wedding rings, engagment rings, yellow diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond rings. Our purchase service can provide you the best diamond prices from the world's leading suppliers, cutters, wholesalers.

Wholesale Diamond Price List (round)

Round Diamond Prices Updated September 2016
US$ Per Carat - Up D I.F. VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2
10 Carat Diamond Price 254,625 162,960 144,585 125,265 97,755 61,110 39,165
9 Carat Diamond Price 185,557 127,302 111,849 95,783 73,707 44,028 28,575
8 Carat Diamond Price 171,812 117,872 103,564 88,688 68,248 40,767 26,458
7 Carat Diamond Price 163,630 112,259 98,632 84,465 64,998 38,825 25,198
6 Carat Diamond Price 155,839 106,914 93,936 80,443 61,903 36,977 23,999
5 Carat Diamond Price 143,735 98,610 86,640 74,195 57,095 34,105 22,135
4 Carat Diamond Price 105,925 71,915 65,455 53,010 41,420 25,365 17,480
3 Carat Diamond Price 96,710 63,555 55,290 44,270 34,580 21,185 14,725
2 Carat Diamond Price 48,830 36,860 32,680 27,645 20,235 14,725 11,305
1.5 Carat Diamond Price 33,222 24,598 21,756 17,934 15,092 10,976 8,722
1 Carat Diamond Price 26,600 19,285 16,910 13,205 10,925 7,790 6,650

Fancy Diamond Price List

Fancy Diamond Prices Updated September 2016
US$ Per Carat - Up D I.F. VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2
10 Carat Diamond Price 162,165 116,090 10,5070 89,395 72,770 44,650 29,450
9 Carat Diamond Price 110,273 79,572 73,026 67,044 52,371 31,490 19,752
8 Carat Diamond Price 108,259 78,119 71,692 65,819 51,414 30,915 19,391
7 Carat Diamond Price 104,277 75,246 69,055 63,399 49,523 29,778 18,678
6 Carat Diamond Price 101,335 73,123 67,107 61,610 48,126 28,938 18,151
5 Carat Diamond Price 92,815 66,975 61,465 56,430 44,080 26,505 16,625
4 Carat Diamond Price 63,080 47,500 43,795 38,665 33,630 19,665 12,825
3 Carat Diamond Price 55,765 38,285 33,155 28,120 23,085 15,675 10,355
2 Carat Diamond Price 27,930 22,420 19,950 17,100 14,535 11,210 8,170
1.5 Carat Diamond Price 19,570 14,915 13,300 10,925 9,690 8,075 6,555
1 Carat Diamond Price 16,150 11,970 10,165 8,265 7,125 5,795 4,940

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